Post tutorial RSS Using the naruto mod animations in other mods.

This tutorial will tell you how to copy the animation data from this mod and use it in other mods, its a very quick tutorial.

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YOU MUST BACKUP THE FOLLOWING FILES; module.ini and actions.txt

Go into the Naruto\Resource folder,

copy K.brf

paste it into YourMod\Resource folder

Open up YourMod\module.ini
paste this at the end of module.ini ; load_mod_resource = K

now take Naruto\actions.txt

and paste it into YourMod\actions.txt

the difference between the native animations and the naruto animations are;

1.faster attacks and defense.

2.tougher and quicker opponents


If it works, then congrats brah.

If the tutorial sounds confusing then,


Hiw to delete flying animation

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