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This tutorial will show you how to make a basic room with a playerspawn, lights, weapons in it and how to add some bots so you can test.

Posted by on - Basic Level Design/Theory

Step 1: Go to steam and click unreal tournament 3 and click UT3 Level Editor. once that is started up click file new and click subtractive.

Step 2: the red box is your brush. on the left side there are some buttons After all the shapes there will be some blue and cyan boxes click the right one on the top row. you just made a box!

Step 3: after you make a small room with that right click somewhere in the room and mouse over add actor, a menu should come up then click playerstart. This is for Deathmatch only (FFA) so no teams yet.

Step 4: click add actor again and press light then move it up a little out of the floor and then go to tools add pickup lighting.

Step 5: At the top go to View-Browser windows-Actor class. then click that and a box should come up, in the box look for navigation point-Pickup Factory-UT PickupFactory- then choose one of those the locker can hold up to 10 weps, powerup does powerups such as health vials and stuff, and the item pickup is ammo, click UTWeaponPickupFactory for now. then move that box down to the side and goto your 3d view of map or 2d either way right click where you want it to be it should say Add UTWeaponPickupFactory Here. Click that! now double click the thing you just made a little box should pop up! (if your mouse doesnt apear right click the map again then click on the box!) in that box click UTWeaponPickupFactory and then it should say Weapon Pickup Class. click the dropdown box next to it and choose your weapon!

Step 6: Exit that small window and press at the very top the button that looks like a box and a lightbulb togethor. then after that a box should apear and may take a little bit to finish.

Step 7: Move over a little bit right and it should look like a joystick click that (WARNING if you hit the flaming arrow your map will finalize and screw with ur pc if you havnt finished it!) It should play.

Step 8: If you notice you cant pickup your weapon. to fix this press file save as: and lets type Dm-Test_Level (IF YOU DO SPACES YOU WILL DIE!!!!! you can only do numbers underscores and numbers so dont do Test Level Of Epic Ness12345 you would do Test_Level_Of_Epic_Ness12345!)

Step 9: Adding Bots- When you are testing press tab and then type Addbots 25

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