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This article contains instructions how to solve issues when you got several technical problems executing MechCommander on modern PC builts.

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MCX: MechCommander 1 & Gold
UknwnDoomer's Graphic Glitch Workaround

MCX - MechCommander 1 / Gold
Compatibility patch for graphics and mouse cursor issues for ALL Standalone Full Versions!

"This should solve problems with mouse cursors and playing MechCommander on window / full screen as well as possible rainbowcolor issues for Win7 or above users. Usually those issues occur on Windows 7:"

UnkwnDoomers installing notes:

  1. Download "Graphic glitch workaround pack" the latest ""
  2. Unpack it to, for example, "E:\Games\Old\MechCommander\MCG Prometheus\v2_05_60_build\"
  3. Run dxwnd.exe.
  4. Edit -> Add -> in the "Path" section select MCX.EXE. At the bottom, check the "Desktop" box.
  5. Click "Try..." Now everything should work fine, incl. in "Zoom" option mode.
  6. Close the game. Click "Options" -> "Expert" mode.
  7. The MCX icon should appear in the program menu. Right click on it -> Proxy -> ddraw -> Yes -> Ok. Close DXWnd. If, upon closing, a window pops up stating that the list of tasks has changed, then click "yes".
  8. Then you can always safely run through MCX.EXE. Several new files will appear in the folder, including dxwnd.dll, dxwnd.dxw, ddraw.dll.


RizZ note: As it seems my hardware is through and through compatible with MechCommander i can not reproduce neither provoke that stuff on my screen - so i can not give any guarantees that this works with your Personal Computer. I appreciate any feedback on that matter. You can contact me via discord - everythingbattletech server (RizZen#2483) or visit me on modDB and leave a comment or message to me:

List of what should be solved by this (Windows 7, 8 & 10):

  • Graphic glitches
  • Reducing the chance for Access Violation Errors
  • Mouse movement issues while playing full screen or windowed
  • Scrolling & scrolling the edges issues / crashes / freezing game states
  • Black Screen issue when entering full screen from windowed mode
  • solves color palette issues: Rainbowcolor glitches on sprites
  • and the original readme implies much more improvements made by DirectX modders / developers

For players that have no issues or problems while playing MC1/MCG/MCGDM/MCGUsers/MCGDH/MCGP - this article and the download should be obsolete.

GraphicGlitch&MouseIssue; Workaround for MechCommanders

Regards RizZen (2021)

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