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An advanced method for making good looking terrain.

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First I have to thank Reno from the SnarkPit for this method.
The method seems hard,but once mastered,it's like killing hunters with the Gravity gun.
There two ways to start making the "triangled terrain"-making a bid block and clipping it in triangles(for strong computers and strong nerves) or making a little block clipped in two triangles and than expanding it(I recommend this one).At the end we must have a flat terrain like this one:
Then we will start making the terrain:
Using the vertex tool,start manipulating the triangles until there are no straight lines:
But that's not the end.Now select some of the white spots and drag them up.Than select some other white spots and drag them higher or lower than the firs white spots until you get the terrain you like the most.Or you can drag one spot up,than another one and then another one,and another one...until you get the shape you want.
Triangled terrain can be used and for cliffs.
This method can be called GoldScr displacement.It's really useful.
Tips:don't overuse this method because it can make the clip nodes higher than the maximum.
Never avoid things like this one:
Inform me if there is a grammar error and I'll fix it.
I hope this was useful for you.


I made a tutorial on that method but tetsu0 from TWHL taught me.

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