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Getting New Vision to work with Deus Ex: Transcended

Posted by on - Basic Textures

Graphics mods are not required and personally I don't recommend them, but if you want to apply them, here's how:

New Vision

New Vision needs to be installed separately.

Version 1.5

To enable New Vision 1.5:

  • Enable the New Vision option in-game.
  • Download the New Vision 1.5 files here:
  • Place the utx files in "steamapps\common\Deus Ex\Mods\Transcended\NewVision\Textures", ensure no space between "NewVision".

Version 2.0a

To enable New Vision 2.0a:

  • Disable the New Vision option in-game.
  • Download the New Vision 2.0a files here:
  • Place the files in "steamapps\common\Deus Ex\Textures".
  • This requires the D3D10 renderer which can be downloaded here:
  • Place the D3D10 renderer files in "steamapps\common\Deus Ex\Mods\Transcended\System"
  • Chose the renderer via Settings > Display > Rendering Device..., it may be under the name "Direct3D 10"


Unfortunately, Transcended does not support the High Definition Texture Package.

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