Deus Ex : New Vision is an overhaul of the environment textures in Deus Ex.


This is a test release of New Vision 2.0; this version of New Vision uses AI Upscaling (specifically, Topaz AI Gigapixel) to increase the resolution of the world, character, and item textures in Deus Ex.

New Vision 2.0a
Zaero - - 131 comments

The thing sounds great, but could you provide some comparison screenshots so we can see the difference?

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Benjimable - - 544 comments

DaveW back in the action! Amazing stuff!

Is this going to be a rebuilt NV package from the ground up?

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naryanrobinson - - 647 comments

So you ran the textures you'd made previously (the ones we know),
through an AI program,
and they came out significantly better than they already were?
Hmm, I didn't think to use Topaz AI Gigapixel on pre-remastered textures...

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BetaSeeker_PL - - 22 comments

So are these upscaled vanilla textures or the New Vision versions?

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naryanrobinson - - 647 comments

This is really confusing me as well.
Because there's no way upscaled vanilla will be better than what he already made.
And I'm not sure running the remastered textures through this tech will produce something much better.
And there's no comparison pictures.
For such a popular texture pack, there's hardly any info here at all.

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DaveFace Author
DaveFace - - 392 comments

There is a news post explaining the release but it's currently stuck on 'un-authed' for about 12 hours. These textures are upscaled from the original - no content has been used from the previous New Vision release.

The result is quite different (and a lot more modest) than the original New Vision release. It's just like the original game, just a little bit sharper.

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naryanrobinson - - 647 comments

Do you think then,
that given this is a different thing,
and a separate thing,
and not as good as the previous thing,
that it's a good idea to give it a version number which implies an upgrade?
Perhaps a different name and lower version number would make more sense(?)

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DaveFace Author
DaveFace - - 392 comments

Version numbers go up. This is a new version of the mod, one which I believe is better than the original. No one's forcing you to download it.

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naryanrobinson - - 647 comments


Alright alright no need to get so snippy.
You said it was a “lot more modest” than v1.5,
which to most people will probably mean less complete or thorough.
It wasn't a personal attack, but you can downvote this comment too if it'll make you feel better.

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Dune_Jumper - - 1,586 comments

That sounds really cool. I want to try this.

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Taquito - - 391 comments

Wow Bold move. I like this version a lot since is basically up scaled version of the Original ones. The difference between the vanilla ones is impressive still. The NPCs look fantastic. Perhaps some textures can be re-reupscaled even further?

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IAmTheWalrus! - - 122 comments

I hope this doesn't wreck the 'closer to object the higher res the textures' thing of the original like New Vision did. That's why I still use the original texture when playing honestly.

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TBees - - 2 comments

Looking great!
I'm using it with HDTP to get its improved objects. I just installed HDTP after New Vision 2.0a on a fresh install.

Based on a comment on the "Topaz Live Training: Introducing A.I. Gigapixel with Greg Rostami" video, you may want to upscale 200% in A.I. Gigapixel, then use topaz studio "AI clear", then upscale it another 200% in A.I. Gigapixel instead of a straight 400% upscale. But I don't know what upscale you used.

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iSynic - - 1 comments

DaveW If you want help with this in any way let me know. I also have the full Topaz Studio suite and ESRGAN set up.

I have a very fast rig so would be happy to upscale stuff in batch to your specifications.

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niko_of_death - - 8 comments

If we want to use this with New Vision 1.5/HDTP on top (so AI upscale as a base, then reworked art for the textures that have it) is any special configuration required? Since it's not in .utx format (as far as I know) it cannot be used with the launcher's data priority settings, do the .dds files load after all .utx files are loaded, or do they replace only those in the same directory (so i.e. DeusEx/Textures/X/ would replace that texture in DeusEx/Textures/X.utx, then NewVision/Textures/X.utx would load over that)?

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DaveFace Author
DaveFace - - 392 comments

As far as I know, the DDS textures are always loaded 'last' (i.e. highest priority) as they're swapped out by the renderer. Whatever logic the game engine is using to load packages is overidden by the renderer.

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Guest - - 696,680 comments

The majority of the AI upscaled vanilla textures look great. Stuttering isn't very strong, but noticeable - actually not the best way to play the game yet, I guess.

Can't say if New Vision 1.5 or 2.0 looks better, probably a mix of both will make the best set.

The character textures are actually the most noticable ones, I usually turn of the most HDTP's character texture, they are a bit too far away from the originals for my taste. But the low res vanilla character texture don't fit that well with New Vision and HDTP on close ups..

Would great to have a replacement for the utx files which contain characters textures. For the new New Vision AI Project, I guess it could be interesting to have 2 packs, one with a bias to the original Deus Ex and another one to combine the best textures from 1.5 and the AI upscaled textures.

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formerlyknownasMrCP - - 892 comments

Currently you can do this with Newvision 1.5 and 2.0 combined, just install the New Vision Characters folder only and it'll work. Sadly you can't do it with HDTP due to the overrides as far as I can see.

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Guest - - 696,680 comments

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dibdob - - 1,342 comments

Great mod ,thanks .
A small request, rename the zip to something like 'New Vision'.

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Guest - - 696,680 comments

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Gaia_Power - - 4 comments

Hi DaveW great work! One question, is it possible to use the mode with DX9? DX10 stutters for me at high fps. Thanks.

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DaveFace Author
DaveFace - - 392 comments

Sorry for the late reply, no this is not possible as it uses a hotloading feature that is unique to Kentie's D3D10 renderer.

Someone could absolutely make a version that does work with other renderers, but they'd be better off starting from scratch as AI upscaling has improved a lot in 3+ years.

I have no plans to do this though.

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deus_nsf - - 177 comments

Does this work on NPCs as well? That would help a LOT! Especially with unfiltered textures with the faces!
EDIT: Looks like it does! Unfortunately those aren't .utx files which makes it not compatible with New Vision 1.5 for a cherry pick, my heart is filled with sadness.
EDIT 2: managed to get it work by putting the textures in the Textures folder instead of NewVision/Textures since it's where the D3D10 renderer recursively look for them, so I can have the best of both worlds now and I'm happy :)

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