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In this note you can read about some technical nuances and understand how to fix possible problems.

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Windows compatibility tips

On new Windows systems the game must be started in Windows XP compatibility mode (open Properties of game's shortcut);

Disable (in Properties) «Desktop composition» and «Visual themes»;

SweetFX library, that is used in the mod for some new visuals, is not compatible with Windows 10, so the mod cannot be started and displays «The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located» error. The only solution now is to disable SweetFX. For this, open Windows10Fix.exe in the game folder;

In some cases mod cannot be started because of problems with codecs, try to delete movies folder in the game folder;

Even if these tips didn't help: try to disable post-processing forcibly. For this move into another folder or delete file d3d9.dll in the game folder.

Martha's Mug Shot mission problem (was fixed after April 7, 2015)

Problem with Martha's Mug Shot mission, where you must to do shots with politician (black screen after cutscene) is connected with absence of correct camera files.

Diaz gang at Vercetti Estate in Freeride mode (was fixed after June 2, 2015)

Aspect, that it cannot be named as a bug, but it is not consistent to idea. As you remember, according to the storyline, Tommy takes away from Diaz his mansion (where Diaz gang is located, inimical to Tommy); after that this mansion became Vercetti Estate (where Tommy's gang is located). In Freeride mode instead of Tommy's gang in the mansion was still a Diaz gang.


If you have problems with missions, you can install two copies of the game: with original game and with Winter Mod; try to pass mission in original game and then continue story in Winter Mod.

Bandicam (and possible other such programs) is conflict with graphics libraries in Winter Mod and them are not work (as result, some graphics features from the mod are not work). Run firstly Winter Mod and after this Bandicam (not in another order).

Winter Mod 3.0 is incredibly stable modification and its confirmed by the record of complete game walkthrough (GTA: Vice City + Winter Mod 3.0). No one game crash or some other problems for a lot of days storyline walkthrough!

Thanks and have a nice game!

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