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This will serve as a primer on setting up your MH2 server.

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If you have ever ran an MH server, then this will be easy stuff for you. If you are new to MH, then watch how easy it will be to get MH2 up and running:

Things to place on the server-
Default MonsterHunt.u file
The contents of the MH2 download zip (follow instructions).
A few MH maps. Normal DM maps will not load, they must have the MH- prefix.

Now make your three edits to the ServerPackages lines as per the picture. When that is complete, you need to either edit your startup line or your mapvote ini line. Since mapvote is the most used one, I will outline it but the startup lines are handled the same way.

See how the mods are loaded here? There are NO server packages for these aside from the three you already added. Once your mapvote.ini is all edited and uploaded, you are ready to fire the server up.

A word on mod compatibility: Some mods will not work with MH2. One of the big ones is Val Avatar. This has to do with how both are coded. I sought permission to include Val Av but never got a reply, so don't run them together. Bad things will happen. Most all weapon mods will do fine, since the replacement codes were rewritten to let U1 weapons function correctly and preserve the usage of custom extended weaponry. The mutate functionality of IPtoCountry was also preserved, though it will not extend to nexgen if you use that. I didn't see a reason to fix that, since the country is clearly in the scoreboard. Aside from these, you are on your own to try your things. If it doesn't play well together, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you for considering MH2 as a mod you might use.

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how do I set up a server on ut99?

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dynolacey7trxsolox - - 2 comments

I have made over 350 maps, I have set up a server on other ut games but ut99 just seems a bit more difficult any videos or explaining how to run a server as I think I will make a very interesting server.

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