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This is a tutorial on how to create ledges Riddick can climb up or shimmy along.

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay ran on a proprietary engine created by the developer Starbreeze simply called Ogier. Like their previous two games, Enclave and Knights of the Temple, they released an SDK for it. Unfortunately Riddick is one of the only games I've seen that had a developer SDK created for it and yet no mods were made or released.

So I have decided to try and fix that and I'm going to upload several tutorials educating everyone on how the editor works. With the goal of teaching you how to make your own Riddick levels and mods.

What you will need

It's recommended to have completed the first tutorial as it fills you in on how to make basic things like brushes and how to spawn entities.

Building a Ledge

When you build a regular map in Ogier Riddick will not automatically know he should climb up a particular surface. The engine tracks these using an entity aptly named the "ledge" entity. These allow you to define what surfaces Riddick can climb on versus ones you'd prefer him to not climb on.

There are two types of ledges worth noting in Butcher Bay. Platforms you can climb up (things like crates or ledges) and Rails. Both are identical in terms of how you build them.

To start off let's build a platform you want Riddick to climb up on.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 125647

Next spawn an entity the usual way by pressing insert on your keyboard. The entity in question is called the "ledge" entity". Place this Entity on one of the corners of your ledge.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 125813

Next, scroll down in the entity's properties until you reach the "new" button. Click on it.

It's going to ask for a timescale. Let's go with the default 1.0 for now.

Now nothing obvious has happened yet. However if we drag the ledge entity around it will create a visible line. Let's drag it to the other end of the block.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 130307

Let's do it again. Hit New again and accept the default value of 2.00. Then drag it to the other corner.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 130408

Let's keep going until we're back where we started.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 130516

Our ledge is now complete. Now save the level and compile it. Now let's see if we can climb up the ledge.


There we go Riddick now knows he can climb up the ledge.

Building a Rail

A rail is virtually the same premise just it's now a cylinder and we're only going in one direction. Shrink the grid size by pressing Q (ctrl Q to make it larger). Now create a cylinder and add a ledge going along it.

Screenshot 2023 02 08 131127

Make sure the ledge is high enough that Riddick has to jump to reach it. Now press the action key. Riddick will now shimmy along its edge. And if you want to prevent him climbing on top of it all we need to do is add a block behind the rail. Riddick will not be able to climb up he can only shimmy now.


I have added my source files here. I hope this helps with creating your own Riddick levels.

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