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Setting up Random Teleporters for Serious Sam 1 mapping

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Tutorial originally posted to Mirrored here for archival purposes.

Random Teleporters

Setting up Random Teleporters

I've heard a couple of threads on the forum talking about setting up random teleporters, so the player doesn't know where he'll end up next. I think this is a lovely idea, especially for mad deathmatch maps, so here's a way to implement it on the Serious Editor. Coding free, of course :)

Geometry: This is mostly about demonstrating the concept, so just build three rooms, each sized 8x8x8, and add them to the world base at positions 0x0x-5, -5x0x4, and 5x0x4. Click 'h' to turn off lighting.

Now we're going to set the moving brush that will be our 'randomizer'. Drag a moving brush into your world, and drop markers for it on locations -8x4x7, 8x4x7 and 0x4x8. Set its speed to 0, and tell it to auto start. The next step is placing the teleporters themselves- drag three teleporters, each on the default size, and position them at -3x0x0, 1x0x0 and -1x0x-3. The target of all of them should be the moving brush itself (not the markers!!).

That's about it. Place a player start in one of the rooms and test your level- whenever you enter a teleporter, you'll end up in a random room.

- Iirion Claus

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