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Posted by on - Basic QA/Testing

Q: The shortcut created by the installer won't launch the mod, how can I get it works ?

A: sometimes, shorcuts are bugged. You can go in "\steamapps\common\dawn of war 2", and right-click on "Space Hulk Mod.exe" and "create shortcut".

Q: When i want to start the mod, a black little window popup then disappear, but the mod doesn't start ?

A: Two possibilities: the mod is installed in the wrong place, or your computer doesn't support the exe file.
To check if the mod is correctly installed, go in "\steamapps\common\dawn of war 2", you must have a file "Space_Hulk.module" and a folder called "Space_Hulk" with 2/3 files into.
If the installation is ok and the game still won't start, go in steam, right-click on the game, properties, "set launch options" and write exactly:

-modname "Space_Hulk"

Then launch the game normally, and it must works (to return to DoW2 vanilla, delete -modname "Space_Hulk").

Q: When the mod start, I got an error report.

A: First, check if your mod is correctly updated and can launch in normal mode.
If DoW2 vanilla/Chaos Rising can launch, it signify that the mod is broken: you must wait an update in order to play it again.

Q: In the game, I got a "fatal scar error".

A: Make sure that you had selected the "Space Hulk Reloaded" wincondition, and selected a Space Hulk map, and filled all the player slots.
Else, send me a message with the description of the error.

Q: In the game, I got texts in english or like this: "$9600000 No Range".

A: Go in "\steamapps\common\dawn of war 2\Gameassets\Locale\", you must have a file called "Space_Hulk.ucs". If you don't have it, two possibilities:

  • The mod is not correctly installed;
  • The mod is not translated in your language.

I try to make my mod accessible for the maximum of people, so if the mod is not translated in your language, you can contact me to propose a translation.

Q: When I destroy wargear boxes, nothing appear, is it normal ?

A: It's a bug and now I can't fix it: you must take a hero in the selection panel as if he was Space Marine.

fentonalpha - - 15 comments

The Mod did not install into the steam folder, it appeared to be and then was not there, the only way to install was to install elsewhere and copy it into the right folder. I needed to run the launch config in Steam option. It loaded and was clearly Space Hulk but when i started the Campaign it was vanilla.

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fentonalpha - - 15 comments

Clearly i missed that it was not a campaign mod.

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Bozzley - - 1 comments

Does the mod require Chaos Rising? I've got DoW2 vanilla, but whenever I try and run the shortcut or the Space Hulk Mod.exe, they both take me to the Chaos Rising page in Steam.

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Arihiman - - 1 comments

when i try to run the shortcut it says that i have to check for the module file and its there but it won't run

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mattyer - - 1 comments

whenever i try to choose the enemies race to see wat is there as i have seen others do it allways crashes instantly can anyone tell me why this is?

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BloodRaven9 - - 51 comments

when i tried playing the mod i got an error report and now my vanilla ret wont start

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BloodRaven9 - - 51 comments

Now i've uninstalled at and my game still doesnt work D:

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AssClapEarthquake - - 250 comments

I made sure to put it into the right directory and put the text in the launch options but when I start the game it doesn't load at all and I get an error report

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efrainp96 - - 58 comments

What are the non steam instructions , i have a windows live version and never added it to steam

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doomage101 - - 8 comments

Looks like he didn't care to reply. So I would guess it wouldn't work for ya, unless it did.

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rayray444 - - 38 comments

so the only game mode i can play is the spacehulk reloded and i cant play original spacehulk game mode

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Guest - - 699,617 comments

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DakkaDakk - - 4 comments

Well i downloaded the Files and its not loading into my DOW2 the Space hulk. Module dosnt show up for some reasson

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