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Tips on playing as the Romulan Star Empire for Sacrifice of Angels 2.

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The Romulan Star Empire

An entire fleet built around one ability, the cloak. Your ships are expensive, don't throw them away.
Whereas the B'rel is both more powerful and less expensive than a Miranda, your own counterpart to the B'rel is both more expensive and less powerful in contrast. Your advantage comes in being able to choose your battles. Logistical support is adequate, if less impressive than the Federation, but fleet support is relatively minor, much like the Klingons.

Ships are largely self contained, with only the Blackwind giving aid to the fleet. Ship abilities are largely geared towards rapid damage output over a short duration, combining with the cloak to make them an excellent ambush force.

Elites are likewise geared towards rapidly destroying things. Sustained combat against an even force is not advisable. Cloak, retreat, and come back for round two after everything is replenished. Most of the fleet has a mild self repair to get them back up to strength between conflicts, but it will do little to slow the casualties in combat.


There are ships (in this case, the starting elite ship) with a fleet decloak ability for Romulans and Klingons. The cloak abilities are set to trigger when set to auto-cast for the frigates, select them all, flip it to autocast, wait for them to all switch over, then take it off autocast. Use the fleet decloak to pull them back out.

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