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This will help improve you particle editing skill in any way with the strong STALKER S.D.K. (system development kit) with 4 tools which you can use and edit the beautiful atmosphere of stalker. This version only includes Particles.

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Here are some sdk instructions from how i made STALKER Particle Paradise 2.1.1.x:

if you run the create_disk_x.bat go to you computer/disk x. Make a shortcut to the .bat file and place the shortcut onto your desk. You will be busy for a while so
that the best thing to do. Go to your new VIRTUAL disk. Then edit what you want (particles, actors, weapon meshes, levels) and it will be saved in the folder called gamedata that stands there.
well the folder isn’t complete so what you have to do is this:

go to you stalker bin.

extract ALL the files in your disk example: D:/program files/thq/stalkershoc/gamedata folder.
place the gamedata into your new folder called X:/ and overwrite all files. Then make a copy of particles.xr found in gamedata
and run for example particle_editor.bat. now the particle editor will be opend. Now heres something that helped me too. Study
it real good!

when you’re done reading it its like you always have known that. Now (in particle editor) click on a map called anomaly2.
in that map there's another map called artifacts. if u click on it u will see a list of options to choose from. I will give
you some advice how to use the right particle for the right artifact. for example take (*)pg-artifact_gravi. now if its good you know how to
give it a new effect right? well I’ll give you a nice particle effect. scroll down in the third and last box right below. you'll see play and 2 times stop.

*PG= particle group
*PE= particle effect

First click on "append effect".

Scroll all the way down and you'll see some things IN WHITE. that means the arent actifated. click on the button enabled. now its enabled. under the button
"preview" the are 3 dots. click on it until a screen pops up. now you'll see the same list as right above. go to the folder anomaly2/group_items and search for artifact_idle.
Double click on that. Now that particle effect is merged with the original particle. if you scroll up and click on the button play nothing will happen.
go with your mouse (after you’ve clicked on the play button) to the left under side of your screen and you will see a button called options click on that. click on the button real time.
if you now click on F5 or play you’ll see the animation. Now save your files and if u want to test it grab this file: particles.xr and put it in you gamedata map. In the map gamedata! not Config, Meshes or all the others!
Now start A NEW game. and now if u find a atrifact like gravi or jellyfish you'll see the new particle!

Sites That will help a lot:






and for skinning instructions:

and the best:

and for my mod instructions:

if you have any questions contact me at "" without the quotes and I will answer ASAP.
I hope that this will improve modders out there!

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