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We have been working hard on making more tools to make it even EASIER to make and design things in KonCraft. This tutorial goes in depth on the recorder cube which is used in Level Designers Mode.

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KonCraft designs are made in creative mode. Obstacle course you save, will randomly spawn in the world at game time. This tutorial shows you how to make and place designs using the Recorder Tool and the Mini Recorder Tool.

Record new designs that have designs that have designs that have designs ...
One thing that wasn't covered, but is shown in the video, is that you can record recordings. So if you design an obstacle, then you can start a new recording, place the obstacle, then place many other recordings within your recording.

Libraries of Prefabs
You could potentially create an entire library of prefabs to rapidly make huge levels. The system is designed to handle any number of recordings and save everything you make as it's own object once you hit stop recording.

Share Designs
Designs include all of your recordings: Architecture, Creative Artwork and Obstacle Courses. To give any of your designs to your buddy, simply give them the generated file matching the name of your design within the folder where your designs are saved. You can quickly open up the folder by clicking the "Open Folder" button on the recorder cube. These files are usually really really small. A usual recording may only be a couple of Kilo Bytes.

Obstacle Courses

If you drop downloaded or shared Obstacle Courses into your Obstacles folder, then while you are in play mode, those courses will automatically spawn in your world at random intervals. As well, this applies to any obstacle course you record within the game during creative mode.

Use for anything, but I like to place my structures in here. If you make a nice looking building, a wall, a hallway, place here for categorization. Architecture is also randomly spawned in the game in play mode, though there is no real purpose for it except for added aesthetics. Items can be marked for inclusion into the game while you may not want some items to spawn within the game.

Creative Artwork
Use this folder for anything, but I like to store my non-game related stuff here. I was crazy, I decided I wanted to make one file for each letter, much like a font. Now, when I want, I can place any letter of the English alphabet in my game for whatever purpose, but for fun. Make any artwork here, or pixel art, but it won't spawn in your game.

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