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This article is an overview for the Russian MechCommander Demo Mod Standalone Built - MechCommander Gold - TheRepulse. This mod was never finished, but the eight demo missions are awesome to play! (Recommended for experienced warriors!)

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MechCommander 1 / Gold

The "Russian Mod" Repulse

Demo Built Standalone

MechCommander Gold - The Repulse was a standalone mod demo version for MechCommander 1. This standalone demo version contains eight solomissions in a short "warmup" campaign. I have reuploaded this standalone cause in my opinion those missions are worth to be played. The creator put much micro-management onto his maps and you can feel that while playing them. Plus this standalone contains some additional modded weapons (see below).

Beginner's Guide
Player's Guide
MCGold.iso & Downloads (look into the description)
Overview - All MechCommander standalone version (pre-installed game folders)

All "MCG - The Repulse" missions:

Mission 1

The Repulse 01

Mission 2

The Repulse 02

Mission 3

The Repulse 03

Mission 4

The Repulse 04

Mission 5

The Repulse 05

Mission 6

The Repulse 06

Mission 7

The Repulse 07

Mission 8

The Repulse 08

The Repulse - Modded Weapons Chart

MechCommander Gold - The Repulse - Mod Weapons

Left to say that i'm still waiting for this "Full"version. I don't know if the creator of "The Repulse" will ever read this, but i would love to play the end product of this built!!!

Regards, RizZen - Have fun, that's an order!

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