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While Nuclear Races is not out yet, that does not mean that you cannot prepare maps for it.

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While Nuclear Races is not out yet, that does not mean that you cannot prepare maps for it.

NR maps require special zones, so if you are not familiar with zoning a map, refer to this Unreal Wiki article.

Keep it big

Maps for Nuclear Races are different than most other gametypes. These maps need to be open for fast and frantic racing. Keep in mind, that NR will mostly be ran using Strangelove and/or RocketX, so it would be good to have room to fly in. These weapon mods also have huge explosions that could easily clear a small hallway, so have plenty of big areas to make escaping these explosions much easier.

Looped maps

Most maps should be looped in the sense that the END of the race should be very close to where the race BEGINS. Races typically should consist of multiple laps. Maps can be single-lap races, but usually only if they are incredibly long.

Dynamic Maps

Maps with traps and other movable parts are welcome and encouraged. Aside from the default triggers, NR has its own Events that get called at various times during the match.

  • After players get teleported into the starting zone and a race is about to begin, NR calls the Event, NuclearRacePrepare.
  • NuclearRaceStart gets called once a race begins.
  • When any players finish a race, the event NuclearRaceFinish is called.
  • NR will call NRFinalLap when someone begins the final lap. (For each player that does.)
  • NR will call NRFinalLapLeader ONCE per race for the first player to begin the final lap.
  • At the very end of the match, the events EndGame and NuclearRaceEnd are called.


NR is controlled by zones. Zones are used for the checkpoints, for the end of the race, for the start of the race, and for people to sit in after finishing a race.

Starting Zone

The first zone that NR needs is a StartingZone called an 'NRStartingZone. This area is where players will be teleported to for the start of the race.

Checkpoint Zones

After the starting zone, players race toward an NRCheckPointZone. These zones act as separate respawning areas for the players. If a player dies during a race, they respawn at their last checkpoint. Each NRCheckPointZone needs to have the property, CheckPointNumber modified. Start from 1, and increment it for each checkpoint.

Last Checkpoint/End of Race

The very last checkpoint should be used to mark the end of the lap or race. To set an NRCheckPointZone as the end, simple change the property, bEndOfRace to True. You may also adjust how many laps you want your race to be by setting the NumberOfLaps property.

Waiting/Spectating Zone

The final zone that needs to be added is the zone that people wait in when they are NOT in the current race. Anyone who finishes the race gets teleported into this zone. These players wait in the zone for the race to end. The zone automatically puts them back into it if they attempt to leave too early. This is to prevent them from ruining the remaining race by spamming. This feature will become optional in the future.


Every game needs PlayerStarts. Nuclear Races handles PlayerStarts a little differently. The mod uses default PlayerStart actors, but sees them differently based on what zone they are placed in. NR uses PlayerStarts to spawn players into checkpoints, the starting zone, and the waiting zone. Make sure to place multiple PlayerStarts in these areas:

  • Inside the NRStartingZone
  • Inside EACH NRCheckPointZone
  • Inside the NRSpectatingZone
  • Outside and near the NRStartingZone


I shall build prototypes first for regular death matches and modify them accordingly :D

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GF-REX Author

Works for me. Thanks for supporting Nuclear Races!

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The mapping guide has been updated to reflect the changes in the latest version of Nuclear Races. Keep an eye on our page for more updates in the very near future.

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