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With the right programs, you can bring the voices of your favorite characters into the world of UT2004, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

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Basically, you'll want three things: a means of getting the
sound files you want, a program for editing those sound files, and a program
for putting them together into a voice pack.

In this tutorial I will explain this process using these entirely free-to-download utilities:

-Paul Catalano's Voice Packager


-ClipConverter Desktop (Desktop version seems less finicky)

Many people have done the much-appreciated work of uploading various voice
files to the interwebs, while you can also snag specific quotes from movie
clips and remove background noise later. Do a simple search like "diablo 2
voice files" and you may find someone's voice available in a zip or rar
file somewhere, or you may find it available on YouTube, in which case the
handy "ClipConverter Desktop" will allow you to grab the audio.

When downloading audio or video, ClipConverter gives you option to download
things already converted to specific formats; this may be very handy depending
on the program you use to edit with.

In this case, convert directly to .ogg and you can open in Audacity next. In
Audacity you can adjust the overall volume of the track with the gain (located
on the left side of the track). Next, if it says "stereo" in the track information (above the gain and the mute button) you will want to click on the name of the track, and in this drop down menu select "split stereo track to mono."

Now go to "file" and down to "export." Underneath the filename, select the type as WAVNow you can open this new file for easy editing, and you may wish to adjust its volume at this point if you haven't previously. To get things loud enough for UT2004 it is advisable to set the gain
just a little below the point where a character's voice begins to distort.
CAUTION: For the next part, note that adjusting the volume on your computer speakers (but not on external speakers themselves) may affect the output volume when selecting audio from a track, keep this in mind ^_^
Just click and drag on the track to select the piece of audio you want to use as responses/taunts,
then go to "file" and "Export Selection." I recommend a naming system like taunt1, taunt2, taunt3FuckYourCouch, taunt4, etc... makes it much easier to find them all. Also, don't use spaces or symbols in the file names, otherwise the packager will complain.
You can now open up Catalano's voice packager and start putting these clips of audio in their respective places.For transient volume, my packs have used settings as low as .55 for louder audio, and as high as thirty for some characters. If you've boosted the volume beforehand by downloading things with added volume via clipconverter or by boosting the gain in audacity, expect a lot of meaningful adjustments to happen in the .5 - 1 range. (Tutorial not fully polished).

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Catatafish Author

Sorry I was lazy about this - and still am - since I've been off in Battlefield 3 and Ghosts lately (well, in many more games than just those ^^). People who are still playing with UT2K4 audio can feel free to add info to this section, or to contact me if the mod page won't let them add resources here.

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