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How to Play

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Ki Blast -- Your basic Ki attack. One shot, one blast.
Ki Fury -- Your speedy Ki attack. Multiple blasts fired at a high rate of speed. Covers a small area.
Homing Attack -- Slow firing attack that will home in on your nearest opponent.
Ki Ball -- Your "Spirit Bomb" style attack. Charge to vary power/size. Release fire to let go.
Beam -- One of your two beam attacks. This beam can be charged up to a Power Level of 3 and its size will vary with each level. Controllable after firing by holding the fire key.
Strong Beam -- The other beam attack. Stronger than before, goes up to 5, same properties.

Light Melee: Hold [Crouch] + [Melee] + [Direction] to perform the light melee attacks. These are not very strong, but can be used very quickly.
Medium Melee: Hold [Melee] + [Direction] to perform stronger melee attacks. Moves can be chained together! Holding [Back] causes your character to block.
Heavy/Knockback Melee: Hold [Jump] + [Melee] + [Direction] to perform heavy attacks. These attacks will send your opponent flying back, up into the air, or straight into the ground. Moves such as the uppercut, dropkick and an double axe handle smash will take time to perform, but you gain another chance to attack your opponent as they hurdle through the air!


Charge Ki
Hold down to replenish your Ki

Level up
When your Ki is fully charged and 1 minute has elapsed since respawn or your last level up, your PL Meter will blink yellow indicating you can Level up. Transformations occur when you level up for characters who support it.

Use Ki
Press once to activate, again to deactivate. Makes you move faster depending on your PL. Also used for flight mode, double tap and hold jump to go into flight mode.

Hold down to search for an opponent to lock on to. Once desired opponent is selected, release to be locked on to them. When you hold down the Melee button, you will face them directly, which makes controlling beams and other things much easier.

Strength Boost
At the time of initial release, Strength Boost only makes you go a bit faster.


Hold a direction key and tap to move in that direction a ways instantly.

PL Sense
Press to seek out other opponents. It will cycle through players in your view and print out their name and Power Level at the top of the screen.

Releases an energy wave that sends opponents flying back.

Senzu Beans
Press to eat use a Senzu Bean which will replenish your life.

Press once to turn on, press again to turn off. While Ki is on, flight will be faster.


This is the HUD. It lets you know important information about your stats.
1) Power Level Meter
2) Attack Charge Meter
3) Ki Meter
4) Crosshair
5) Health
6) Blocking strength

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