This is a republish of the abandoned and forgotten total conversion of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, the link is not anymore on the internet. I am not the AUTHOR. The objective of this page is to share the files back with everyone. Here is the list of the authors of this mod, because i don't want any merit.


The TDIR has many people working behind the scenes to keep the mod running, and continue ideas, pictures, and the actual editing of the mod. The staff of TDIR works hard and diligent to provide fans with a modification that will be remembered for times to come.

Shred18 Project Lead, Lead Modeler, Lead Level Designer, Lead Skinner, 3do Designer
Hell Raiser Lead Cogger, Webmaster, Minor 3do Designing, Programming
Burn Lead Animator/Keyer
Gsusnme Skinner
Beta tester, Forum/IRC Moderator, Minor Animations/Keys
RiViN Beta tester, Forum/IRC Moderator
Backslash Beta tester, Forum/IRC Moderator
Vash Lead Forum/IRC Moderator, Beta tester
Cougar Boy Beta testers
drawkcaB Beta tester, Forum/IRC Moderator, Minor Key Work
Ubuu Levels, Minor PHP
Jedi_Bubba_Fatt Advisor, Beta testing
VC_Bel_Iblis Heads-Up Display (HUD) artist
UltraCodeMaster Hell Raiser's brother MySQL help
oSiRiS Web Development/Designing, Image Editing
Jenny Kitty Modeling, Skinning


to The destruction is real total conversion. This was a project well over three years in the making, utilizing every known (and many unkown!) methods of modifying Jedi Knight. The TC has 11 levels, over 40 characters, multiple character transformations, customizeable attacks, true controllable beams, animated auras, 3d explosions, a deep hand to hand melee mode, sidescrolling challenge feature, differently sized characters, and more!! This TC uses 16 bit textures, so a compatable 3d accellerated videocard is required.


The Destruction Is Real Is a multiplayer total conversion based on Akira Toriama's anime Dragon Ball Z. Unlike most mods for Jedi Knight, TDIR changes everything you know about the game, from character sizes down to the games physics! The only thing remaining is Jedi Knight's engine itself, which cannot be edited without violating the LEC liscensing agreement. However, it is very versatile in that we can modify via cogscripts. Add in the fact that it already has a system set up for powers (the force) and you have the perfect engine for a DBZ mod! Read on to see our plans for the mod. Some information is left out because of the many innovative things we don't want copied =)
Play Modes As of this writing, there is only one mode: Deathmatch. However, we are deliberating whether to add Capture the DragonBalls and other modes of play, such as Tournament Mode. The mod incorporates many role-playing aspects, however. GamePlay Unlike other JK mods before it, TDIR has its very own Game Launcher that lets you customize your attacks! Most of the main characters will be able to have their signature moves, and the rest will have generic ki blast/beams. We are doing this because there are FAR too many skins to give specific attacks to everyone.Like in DBZ 3.0 you can collect DragonBalls to summon the Eternal Dragon. This time, the dragon does not harm anyone. Instead you can select one of three wishes! This will definetaly be able to turn the tide of a battle.Melee will not be the standard JK fare. I can't elaborate too much, but melee is a good altenative to energy attacks, and will help conserve ki. Unlike JK melee, you will be able to get in a real fight with someone. No running around with fists flying!Power levels determine your life, speed, and number of attacks available to you. Every game starts you at the lowest power level, and you must "level up" to advance. After you max out your KI, you will have an opportunity to level up. Charging raises your KI.Attacks use up ki. Controlable attacks are very usefull for scoring hits.Transforming is accomplished by reaching the appropriate powerlevel, at which point a character will transform if they can when you level up. You can also power down to hide your power level.The KI Button is one of the main features in the mod. Using the ki button enhances many of the attacks. Leaving the ki button on also increases your speed.Flight does NOT drain your ki. We have a system worked out that makes it very easy to find/sense your opponent, so limiting the flight is not nesessary.Fusions were originally in the works. However, they have been scrapped due to too many complications.


Will you be able to Fuse with other people?
Fusions have been decided against, however
you can pick characters such as Gogeta, Gotenks, etc.

Will Cell be really tall and Krillin really short?
Yes, we will be able to have Short and Tall characters.

What are the minimum comp stats to play TDIR?
Well...you'll need a Video Card that supporst 3D Accerleration.
Most (if not all) of the maps will be 16bit,
and some of the characters will also be 16bit.
The minimum requirements will be greater than JKs, that's for sure.

What game is TDiR for?
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. It does not work for Mysteries of the Sith,
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, or Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy.

How many Characters are there going to be?
There will be over 40 of your favorite DBZ characters.

Are there going to be colored Auras?
Yes. With our launcher, you will be able to choose the color
of your Charging, Level Up, Use Ki, and Strength Boost auras.
The colors are Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Silver, Red, Teal, and Yellow.

Will you be able to destroy landscape just like the show?
Unfortunetly, Shred did not build destructable landscape
into any of his levels. So no, you can not destroy landscape.

Will you be able to go Super Saiyajin (1/2/3/4)?
The characters from Dragonball Z (not Dragonball GT)
that have transformations will have
those same transformations (and lack there of) in TDiR.
Howerver, you will NOT be able to transform into an Oozaru
or Super Saiyajin 4. Nobody went Super Saiyajin 4 in DBZ, only in GT.

Can you move really fast like in the show?
Yes, every time you level up you move faster,
not to mention the Kaioken attack.
There is only a set amount of speed at which you can get by leveling up.
The way we have now changed it is that you only get
a little bit faster than usual.
To go even faster you press your "Ki Button" which will change
your speed accordingly to your power level.

Will each character have their own sounds?
No. Everybody will have the same generic sounds.

Will TDIR be made/redone for JO/JA/HL2?
At this time, no.
The Quake 3 engine editing is much different
from that of JK's Cog system, therefore finding a coder like HR is tough.
However, the TDiR team or members of it and might decide
to try their hands at Half-Life 2. Key word, however, is Might.

Will you be able to power down to hide your Power Level?
Yes. By holding down the Level Up key, you will power down
to your original form. Once you hit the Level Up key again,
you will transform back to the state you were in when you powered down.

When will TDiR be released?
As of May 23, 2004

Are there weapons?(aka swords)
No,it was decided long ago that weapons would interfere with the
melee system and JK in general. We have decided on using Melee and Ki attacks.


Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II = Sith Engine (1997)
(Half-Life1 = Goldsrc 1998)

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How to Play

Starting a mod Tutorial


Ki Blast -- Your basic Ki attack. One shot, one blast.
Ki Fury -- Your speedy Ki attack. Multiple blasts fired at a high rate of speed. Covers a small area.
Homing Attack -- Slow firing attack that will home in on your nearest opponent.
Ki Ball -- Your "Spirit Bomb" style attack. Charge to vary power/size. Release fire to let go.
Beam -- One of your two beam attacks. This beam can be charged up to a Power Level of 3 and its size will vary with each level. Controllable after firing by holding the fire key.
Strong Beam -- The other beam attack. Stronger than before, goes up to 5, same properties.

Light Melee: Hold [Crouch] + [Melee] + [Direction] to perform the light melee attacks. These are not very strong, but can be used very quickly.
Medium Melee: Hold [Melee] + [Direction] to perform stronger melee attacks. Moves can be chained together! Holding [Back] causes your character to block.
Heavy/Knockback Melee: Hold [Jump] + [Melee] + [Direction] to perform heavy attacks. These attacks will send your opponent flying back, up into the air, or straight into the ground. Moves such as the uppercut, dropkick and an double axe handle smash will take time to perform, but you gain another chance to attack your opponent as they hurdle through the air!


Charge Ki
Hold down to replenish your Ki

Level up
When your Ki is fully charged and 1 minute has elapsed since respawn or your last level up, your PL Meter will blink yellow indicating you can Level up. Transformations occur when you level up for characters who support it.

Use Ki
Press once to activate, again to deactivate. Makes you move faster depending on your PL. Also used for flight mode, double tap and hold jump to go into flight mode.

Hold down to search for an opponent to lock on to. Once desired opponent is selected, release to be locked on to them. When you hold down the Melee button, you will face them directly, which makes controlling beams and other things much easier.

Strength Boost
At the time of initial release, Strength Boost only makes you go a bit faster.


Hold a direction key and tap to move in that direction a ways instantly.

PL Sense
Press to seek out other opponents. It will cycle through players in your view and print out their name and Power Level at the top of the screen.

Releases an energy wave that sends opponents flying back.

Senzu Beans
Press to eat use a Senzu Bean which will replenish your life.

Press once to turn on, press again to turn off. While Ki is on, flight will be faster.


This is the HUD. It lets you know important information about your stats.
1) Power Level Meter
2) Attack Charge Meter
3) Ki Meter
4) Crosshair
5) Health
6) Blocking strength

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The Destruction is Real 1.1

The Destruction is Real 1.1

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II mod.

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please make a video on dbz destruction is real installation!!!

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Fu..ing cool man i wanna try this! :P

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O.o intresting works on win 7 64 bit?

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qwerty_ Creator

TDIR Gameplay Trailer 2 Multiplayer Moddb.com

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qwerty_ Creator

Ok it's done! I have to wait for authorization! :-)

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qwerty_ Creator

I am making a standalone freeware version with Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II DEMO! it also works on modern operating systems like Windows 7. Online with hamachi. Stay tuned!

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No matter what I do, I always get a "could not load level" message on single player and multi-player. I tried installing the version on JKLauncher's download list, but that refuses to boot. Every other mod works fine, including TODOA.

I'm using the CD verison, but also have the steam version. Should I try that instead?

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Did you follow step by step the tutorials? they may help this tutorials are very detailed and very helpful and easy.
They can be found in this page section "Tutorials".
Hope this helps , but remember we did only the republish of the whole thing , so we aren't devolpers of the mod i can only give you some tips but i don't really know the mod as devolpers would do.

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