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How to make a mirror in any Source game(Orange Box).

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Ever wondered how to make a mirror for half life 2 or any other source game(Orange Box)? Well, wonder no more, today you're gonna learn how to finally do it. You won't believe how easy it is.

First step:
Open up hammer and select the "reflectiveglass" texture

Second step:
Make a brush using that texture. The brush will represent the mirror.

Note* Don't worry if you see black-purple texure in hammer, it's normal.

Third step:
Select the brush and tie it (ctrl+t) to "func_reflectiveglass" and click "apply".

Fourth step:
Compile and test it!


bohb;21092032 wrote: func_reflectiveglass is only available in the OB engine, ep1 and the original HL2 engine don't have it.

- You can only have one mirror in a PVS at a time, multiple mirrors will result in the HOM effect.
- You can't have a mirror in the same PVS as expensive water.

radu_iceman;21084258 wrote:

This is what happens if you have two mirrors facing one another:


Firegod522;21168210 wrote:

What else can you use the mirror for? Well check this out:

magravn;21165841 wrote: You can also use those mirrors to make a really sexy floor:

Or to reflect crap in a sexy way:

The original tutorial can be found at



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Love the tutorial. Only problem is when I compile the Game in Source, My character is not shown in the mirror. Ideas?

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Also another problem I encountered is that depending on where I am standing, the Mirror will glitch and flash black spots. (Only on the side that I'm facing)

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