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How to apply grass in Torque 3D, using build in textures with the terrain editor.

Posted by on - Basic Level Design/Theory

Torque 3D does not have many videos, this is the only one i found on how to apply grass. The quality is so poor that is hard to see any thing, but the information is accurate i was able to apply grass to the map with it. After watching the video, a person get a base on the fundamentals, then can read a couple of tutorials on the subject to establish more the acquired knowledge. The documentation in Torque 3D is good, but the video tutorials some are out dated and in small amount.

When i have more knowledge maybe i replace it with more specific and high quality video on the fundamentals of the engine.

Due to the quality of video i was missing the the layers step. He did not paint the terrain so that step was missing...

The steps are:

  1. Paint Terrain width dirt, and grass textures.
  2. Crete a Ground Cover.
  3. Create a grass material.
  4. Access Ground Cover layers assign grass texture.
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