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(This guide will be updated over time) This tutorial is for People to be better against AI in MOW global war mod It have good tips, recomended units....

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AI behavior

Ai is challenging, dont think he plays like 5 year old kid

At begining of ANY match AI SPREAD infatry swiftly round map, theyr infatry can cap almost more than half map in few minutes, making it harder for Turtle player

Those points needed to be taken back, or you would be steamrolled with masses of strong units
Good Starting Rush units:
GB: Bren carrier
Armed with Bren machine gun, killing any infatry,
nicely aviamble from begining but crew can be shooted out without harming Carrier itself

Infatry support section
Armed with Stens/Brens MG 2 of them are usssualy armed with Anti tank grenade,
so can be nicely used against Japenese Armored car that is immune against hand weapons

If you chose Armored (Panzer) squadron
You ll get Panzer Luch
Its armored armed with good fast firing Anti personal/anti light armored vehicles
Can pentrate At least 10MM of steel

Another unit that can Deny japenesse armored cars (that have 10MM of iron)
Or SDFKZ 221-222 are early armored anti ground units, can rush behind enemy lines and wreak chaos
SDFKZ 221 is armed with simmilar weapon as Panzer II Luch

United states
Jeeps are good recon/anti personal units, but fragile and crew can be shooted out faster than BREN carrier
Assault infatry:
Same as GB assault section, armed with Machinegun/SMGs and AT/AP grenades
USA can deploy support from begining (Machine guns and mortar)
giving them a advantage

Soviet Union
Constripts, fast to deploy, cheap meat shields, can be massed fastly

Anti tank rifle squad
Even usefull in late game, thus can disable part of vehicles
Can be used to counter tanks or armored cars from begining

Japenese Empire
Recon squad, fastly deployed but useless after enemy gets better units than starting infatry
Armored car is Butcher to any starting infatry
If the infatry arent armed with something that can penetrate 10mm armor, they became cows in Slaughter house

AT guns and support MGs etc.
They HAVE to be used defensively, thus they are vulnoramble to any unit in game, they are slow and enemy can use it against YOU

Best/ recomended units in Late game

GB Cromwell, hard to be hitted , armed with 75 mm armor piercing rounds, also have HE shells, But for now they arent in Supply truck (the ammo isnt ressuply-amble)

All kinds of Paratroopers (falshirm jeagers.....)
Use them to wreak chaos behind enemy lines, killing Artillery crew
Especialy when Japenese Deploy theyr Naval battery

Tiger tank
Classic German Heavy tank
Can destroy any tank in game on HUGE range
Expensive, slow and vulneramble from back or sides
Dont forget, they arent immortall, in fact Even M4 sherman can destroy Tiger, by destroying his turret

Achilles or Wolwerins
Both Awesome long range All tank class destroyer
When i deploy one he shooted acrross half map (map Osterbrook)

ANY rocket artillery
Mass mayhem you want ? Nebelwerfers Kathusas and Callipoes can decimate anything on land
(good shooted rocket can blow Tiger)

SU 85
Hard to hit, very hard, making him usefull even against heavy armor (85 mm AT gun)

then Iosif stalins tanks, best SU vehicle, can beat King Tigers on long distance

Nation chose
If you are defensive player, pick Japanese Empire, they have load of defensive things
Fottres doctorine allow you to build Navy Cannon emplacement, oblireating any target he shoot

If you Like to use Quality over Quantity, Pick Wehrmacht
Let Luftwwafe to dominate the skies, use Mighty Flak 88 and Tigers to show what Germans are made of !
of course, epect big prices, slow unit unlocking speed and require lot of Micro thus any Cassuality is expensive mistake.
Soviet union, pick this when you like to see masses and masses of people to die, that game looks like in begining...... Soviets suffer from any other nations,,,

But WHEN theyr machinery started runing, its impossible hard to beat them, then massses of strong tanks rolling over battle field with masses of good equipmented units

Great Britain
Like in WW2 in reality, GB have very good artillery (25 pounder) and Best Allies anti tank gun The 17 pounder that crack King Tigers
Officers can also call devastating mortar strike
But GB lack some super strong tanks, expect some tank destroyers
Also you need to know the enemy weakesess and use them against them
Becausse GB didnt offer some strong MGs or hand weapons..

United states
Quantity over Quality
Infatry is good armed, even from begining you can call MGs and mortar teams
Jeep with recoiless rifle is Jeep with 2 bazookas, and Bazzoka can kill any tank....
M4 Sherman, Any Japanesse tank is uselless when you deploy him
And When you Deploy ANY tank destroyer (Hellcat Wolwerin..) They can destroy any tank on huge distances

USA have cheap, but not very effective units, but have better units than GB,JE and theyr technology is better than soviets.. in some way

Weapon types and ammo types

Small handgun, low range, tank hunters have them to attack infatry, Low damage, slow shooting speed, Ussualy tank crew have this (in reality)
uses SMG ammo

Big range, accurate and makes pack of punch (2 hit ussuly kills regular infatry) but low shooting speed
Rifle is used by ANY infatry on begining of the game
Sniper rifle
Bigger range, much more accurate when enemy are on open, snipers can wreak havoc to any enemy infatry, also Sniper rifle can shoot out crew on opened tank/vehicle (Bren carriers, or even Hell cat crew could be killed (not approved but i think its possible
Automatic rifle

Medium-long range reaper to infatry
this weapon is combo of rifle and smg
taking rifle range and damage and little of fire rate of SMG

SMG (automatic fire arm)
Low-medium range, good at killing infantry , with its fast firring speed it can decimate non covering infatry very fast

Machine guns
Assembled almost on any tank, mg decimate entire infatry squads with big firepower and big range, making them a good defender

Anti tank rifle
Used mainly by Soviets..
Crack early tanks, but they are still good to break threads of later heavy tanks..

Rocket launcher
Mainly Bazooka and Panzershreck
Strong long range thruster propeled rocket can destroy any tank in game

Vehicle ammo kinds

Used at long range attacks, almost all tanks use it
Hight explosive, mainly building/infatry killer, used by artilery
Short range armor piercing round, on short range it can decimate even mzch more armored enemies, that AP round couldt break

Flak rounds (i call it that)
Used by Panzer II Luch or some later tank MG use this
Instant kill almost any infatry or pierce up to 10 mm of armor

Tool of mass destruction, good aimed rocket can instant-kill Tiger or Pershing or IS2
Long range, but slow reload, very slow

On the begining, i never used them (i sayid what a waste of time)
But then, one day as Japanesse i tryied them out, never belived it was SOO efficient !
Good placed mine instant kill any infatry, or can damage vehicle
USE THEM when you can, AI dont see them, so his unit can trip over them


Thanks Anxotz for this good guide ;)

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How i can use the radio man?

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