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A basic text tutorial to get you started with infinite pixels, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR EAD IT. its essential so you wont die out there.

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-w.a.s.d to move around

-q and e to roll your character

-space bar to stabilize (handy when you start
glitching out| )
your speed and use the jetpack

-right mouse to aim and left to shoot

-use "E" to interact with everything.

- "V" to acces the exploration menu,
you can use it to find new locations and towns.

The moment you spawn you will notice
many stats and numbers, we will go through each of them later on. First we have
to go through the basics of the game. As you may note you have 5 material, its
imperative to a mineral extractors so
you can keep building. To do this bring up the "computer" with "B" and select
material extractor.

Once you have selected the material
extractor you can place it by pressing enter, with keys "z" and "x" you can
adjust the elevation of all structures. As you may notice in the next picture
our material extractor is placed, now you must wait for it to gather some

After some time the material
extractor will create a material cube, this cube can be collected to gain
material. To interact with all objects and vehicles in the game you press "E"
so when looking at the cube press "E" to
gather the material.

It's a good idea to build many
material extractors so you can constantly have material to build the many
structures you will need in order to boost your space exploration carreer.

Now that you know that its time to
analyze what each structure does and why they are important: *next page*

Plants module

Its used to gather seeds, when a
plant spawns on this structure you can get the seeds on it by pressing "E". You
can then use this seeds to plant trees which will spawn food.

Water module

The water module is
used to keep your hydration levels stable, you can drink water by simply
pressing "E" on the water tank. Remember that if any of your main stats
(health, nutrition, hydration) reach zero you will die.


previously mentioned trees will spawn fruits which can be collected as food and
then eated. To create a tree you will need seeds. When the tree spawns a fruit
you can collect it by pressing "E" when looking at it. you
can then proceed to eat the food by pressing the button eat on the "Build Menu"

Garage module

structure is used to spawn ships and trucks, to spawn a ship acces the
structure terminal by pressing e when looking a it and select the desired
vehicle. To use ships :

E when looking at it to use it

Z and
X control the throttle

control the ship yaw and pitch

Q and
E control the rolling system

control strafe.

order to use the HYPER SPEED function you will need some energy, to buy energy
head to the nearest town and find an energy vendor, after you have bought the
energy you can use Hyper speed with the space bar.


structure has a similar function to the one trees perform, they will spawn
cheese and milk after some time, but when collected they will give you 2 food
instead of 1.


can use the clinic when your health is low, simply press "E" while looking at
the clinic's bed to regenerate your health.


the trade center to buy and sell things for money, you can sell material and
then use the money to buy food and so on. Simply press "E" when looking at the
trade center terminal to start the trancsaction.

Good luck exploring !


please add how to invert y-axis for mouse control if possible

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This is old, make a new tutorial for the new version :)

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