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A list of defending factions available to the player in Full Invasion 2.

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Defending Factions (Players)


Empire: A Medieval Faction inspired from European Knights.

Kingdom: An original Full Invasion faction.

Native Factions: All factions from Warband are available to play.

Norse: Viking-themed faction.

WFAS factions: All factions from With Fire and Sword.

The Crusaders: Knights Hospitallers, Crusaders, Teutonic, Knights of Jerusalem, etc.

The Roman Empire: Rome wasn't built in a day, don't let those invaders tear it down!

Gallic/Germanic/Britannia Tribes: Tribes from Britannia and Gaul.

Imperial Legion: A Computica SoD faction (Sword of Damocles).

The Sengoku Jidai: A Shogun-inspired faction.

Chinese Dynasties: Everything from The Three Kingdoms to The Yuan Dynasty.

The World War Soldiers: WW1 & WW2 factions.

The Modern Era: A modern gun-based faction.

The 16th Century: Faction from the 16th century.

The Cowboys: Inspired from the American WIld West.

The Seven Years War: A faction based on The Seven Years War.

The Middle East: A faction inspired by Middle-Eastern nations.

The Anglo-Zulu War: A faction inspired based on The Anglo-Zulu War.


The Seven Kingdoms: A faction based on Game of Thrones.

The Hammerite: A faction inspired from Thief.

The Zombies: A faction of shambling corpses.

The Hedge Knights: A faction inspired from The Witcher.

The Future Marines: A faction based on Star Wars.

Assassin's Guild: Inspired from Assassin's Creed.

The Superheroes: A faction of superheroes.

The Highlanders: A faction inspired from Braveheart.

Kingdom of Bretonnia: A faction inspired from Warhammer.

Imperium of Man: A faction inspired from Warhammer 40K.

Lord of the Rings:

The Middle Earth: All Lord of the Rings factions combined.

Arnor: Faction based on Arnor.

Gondor: Faction based on Gondor.

Rohan: Faction based on Rohan.

Elves: Faction based on the Elves.

Dwarves: Faction based on the Dwarves.

Men of the East: Faction based on Harad and Easterlings.

Isengard: Faction based on Isengard.

Mordor: Faction based on Mordor.

Rohan & Elves: Combination of Elves and Rohan (Battle of Hornburg)

DarkDiablos - - 241 comments

Any plans to bring over the Anglo-Zulu update to FI2 or is that not possible due to permissions etc?

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TrotsTwats Author
TrotsTwats - - 174 comments

Not in the near future, unfortunately.

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Sebestyen - - 1,010 comments


Well you are a modder and you are a female.Congrats a female who programming and modding.Your boy or husband can be happy lucker.

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TrotsTwats Author
TrotsTwats - - 174 comments

No one in the damn world needs your white knighting.

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Noblethread - - 40 comments

Lol rekt

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karasis - - 492 comments

We need some asian-indian type faction with camels and elephants!!

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TrotsTwats Author
TrotsTwats - - 174 comments

Please suggest it over on our Steam Group, it helps keep everything in one place.

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French_Fry - - 2,510 comments

Navy please, what happened to the Hyrule faction lol

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Noblethread - - 40 comments

Shaddup neeeeeeeerd

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usnavy30 - - 1,013 comments

Regarding the Hyrule faction: rigging, anyone wants to do it?

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Guest - - 699,648 comments

can someone tell me how to update this mod? i go to multiplayer and nothing shows up

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Asbjorn_Ironside - - 100 comments

Does anyone know if the Devs are planning to add an Elder scrolls based faction to FI2? I feel it could make a great improvement.

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Himjar - - 266 comments

I think few of em is possible by using weapons from invasion of northern tribes, but please, after the fixing update. Maybe in later updates.

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