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A Short Tutorial on Diablo Soulstone Quest for Uber Vanilla v1.23 v1.34

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Diablo Soulstone Quest

- Rewards Annihilus Charm if you kill Uber Diablo in Hell Difficulty -

Some variation of this quest was originally planned years ago by Blizzard Entertainment, but production was cut short.

Originally there was an Act 4 Quest to smash Diablo's Soulstone. There are still artifacts left in the
game for this quest, which Blizzard disabled to meet production deadlines.

Here's a picture of Diablo's Soulstone, a quest item resurrected from the game, since the file still exists buried in the game.


How to play the new SoulStone Quest?

First you will need to install the latest Uber Vanilla *branch* that supports this depending on your preference.

To play this quest you will need to get the following items:

a) Stone of Jordan Ring
b) Diablo's Soulstone - only drop in Hell Difficulty from Diablo
c) HellFury Hammer - only drops in Hell Difficulty from Hephasto

How to Find a Legit Stone of Jordan Ring?

A legit SOJ Ring is pretty rare in the game. You can run Nightmare Andariel in a minute or less,
with a fast teleporting character such as Sorceress. If your character has 200+ magic find, you'd have
about a 1 in 1500 chance to drop an SOJ using "/players 8" with NM (Quest) Andariel.


If you feel driven to drop your first one that way, you might also learn about the Andariel quest
game bug to increase your chances.

There are some benefits to fighting higher level monsters that can drop other valuable items and jewelery in your search.

Get Diablo's Soulstone

Kill Diablo in *Hell Difficulty* repeatedly. You have ~ 1 in 40 chance, to drop this item
with "/players 8" - It will not drop in Normal or Nightmare difficulty.

Get the HellFury Hammer

Hephasto at HellForge is the only monster in the game who can drop this new Weapon.
You need to kill Hephasto repeatedly in *Hell Difficulty* to drop this item.
It will not drop in Normal or Nightmare difficulty.

Also the HellFury Hammer will not drop from Hephasto until after you have finished
the quest to smash Mephisto's Soulstone. Be sure to do that first!

The HellFury Hammer looks Just like the "Hell Forge Hammer" except this one drops ONLY as
an ethereal unique item. You have a ~ 1 in 10 chance to drop this item on killing
Hephasto in "/players 8" mode.

HellForge Small Charm

Place the 3 items in the cube and click the transmute button.

a) Stone of Jordan Ring
b) Diablo's Soulstone
c) HellFury Hammer

This will generate a HellForge Small Charm
The new charm has 1 charge of "Uber Diablo Spawn".


Using the HellForge Charm

Your Character has to be at least level 50 to use the Hellforge Charm.
You can spawn Uber Diablo anywhere in the game with this charm, but Uber Diablo will only drop the Annihilus in -Hell Difficulty-. Just equip it in your inventory and find the new skill in your skills tab.

Repeat* Upon successfully killing Uber Diablo -Hell Difficulty- he will drop the Annihilus small Charm.

*You won't be able to backup/save/edit stats on the HellForge Charm with Hero Editor or other editors.


The new Items used in this quest will not save or copy with Hero Editor, because it cannot recognize
the item codes. Because of this Hero Editor will try to delete the unrecognized items from your character

To avoid this it's better to plan ahead.

First, wait until your character is able to kill Uber Diablo before attempting this quest, I'd suggest at
least level 60 or higher for most class characters.

1) Get the SOJ ring first.
2) Get Diablo's Soulstone next because it only takes 1x1 space in your inventory.
3) Get the HellFury Hammer last because it takes up more inventory space.
4) Transmute in the cube, equip it in your inventory, then go kill Uber D.

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