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Sometimes the readme.txt can be confusing. In that case, you can use this tutorial for more detailed explenation.

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  1. The first thing you need to do is to download and install runtimes for J#, .NET and XNA. These are all available for download at Microsoft's homepage for free (see the readme.txt for links).
  2. Create a "mods" folder in your Men of War folder. Unpack the Campaign archive and then drag and drop the folder named "Campaign" into your Mods folder.
  3. Go to your profile folder for men of war and create a new folder named "result". ( The result should look like this ---> Documents/My Games/Men of War/Profile/Your Profile Name/Save/Result)
  4. Start the file named Campaign.exe. If you have done it correct so far, a window will appear with some options. At the option "Save Folder" you enter the correct path to your earlier created "result" folder (on my PC with Swedish settings the path look like this ---> C:\Users\Zeke Wolff\Documents\My Games\men of war\profiles\Zeke Wolff\save\result. The "Zeke Wolff" should of course be replaced with your own profile name.
  5. Change any settings as desired using the checkboxes.
  6. Click on "Extract All Maps". Wait until it says that all maps have been extracted. Click on the button named "Done".
  7. If necessary, click on "Start a new Campaign". Chose your Player Nation (Germany, USSR, UK, USA, Japan). Chose your theatre of War (which ones are available depends on which nation you picked. USSR for example cant pick North Africa, etc). Then choose which enemy nation you want to fight against (Germany can pick any enemy nation, USSR, US and UK can only pick Germany).
  8. Click on Start a New Campaign. A new window will appear. Here you buy your units. You can only start the campaign with 3 units, but you can capture enemy units and keep them for as long as you want. When you have bought your units, click "Done".
  9. If everything has been done correctly so far, a new window will appear with images of different minimaps. Depending on which nation you picked to fight as, different colored rectangles appears on some of them (named 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc). If you play as USSR, the red rectangles depicts your unit and some allied units (your unit has the word "PLAYER" written under it). If you want to attack the enemy, move these rectangles to any nearby enemy held minimap (the ones held by USSR have a USSR flag over them, and the ones held by the Germans (the enemy in this case) have a German flag over them). When you have made your decisions, click "Done".
  10. A new window will appear. Here you place your troops on the actual map, ie where each one will start. You can only place them within the blue colored rectangle. When you are happy with your decisions, click "Done". You will now hear a "Tada!!" sound and the main Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) window will appear. Do not close this window down. It must be kept running as long as you play the mod.
  11. Start up Men of War. Go to Mods and activate "Campaign". Then click on Single Player and then Select Mission and then... Dynamic Campaign Generator. Chose which difficulty you want to play on (I recommend playing on Hard since the AI is too easy to defeat otherwise). Then click on Dynamic Campaign Generator Mission. The mission will start to load and then after a while it will be ready to be played. Click space or just click the left mouse button to start the battle. You will see your units, and a very short mission debriefing. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on "Continue".
  12. Play the battle.
  13. When you have won (or decided that you had better retreat), save the battle as Result. If you use any other name to save, only your current game progress will be saved. Only when it is saved as Result will the mod engine understand that the battle is really over.
  14. After saving the game as Result, just click anywhere on the screen, and you will automatically be taken back to the DCG buy/sell window. Now you can sell (disband) any captured units etc.
  15. To play the next battle, do the above all over again, ie hit done, pick map to fight on, place your units etc. After clicking Done after placing your units, you will automatically be taken back to the game Men of War. Go to Options and chose "Restart". This process will start the next battle.
  16. Continue the above process as long as you wish.
  17. When you have managed to capture the enemy base map(s) (marked with a little supply icon just like your own base map), you´ve won a whole operation and will be rewarded by being able to command an extra unit (ie 4 units after the first operation won).
dogensu - - 155 comments

help it says that it can't find the map file when I click done on tut number 10.

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Jason1_ - - 201 comments

You may not have extracted the maps successfully at step #6. This is not a good place to post because nobody would ever think to look at these comments. I only saw this by complete chance. Try going to the forum here or at our other site ( for more help.

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dogensu - - 155 comments

right sorry.

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Medhood1000 - - 76 comments

Thomas don't use vulgar language its bad

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thomasese - - 14 comments

But i inderstand the tutorials

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thomasese - - 14 comments


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Ty2903 - - 248 comments

Thomasese... what is your problem? There are detailed instructions listed here was well as in the readme file of the download.

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cavfra - - 42 comments

well,I istalled the mod and other things but cn I play the realism mod with this thing istalled?

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BRIPAC - - 135 comments

I don't understand

when i won the first battle, I save the game with the name RESULT then i click anywhere and nothing happens

how can i continue my campaign??

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Curtis323 - - 445 comments

Hi, I'm having trouble with the set/environment file. it's just empty. i've tried reinstallation but i get the same problem. I downloaded all the 3 programs for it to work. : / I tried re-installing those as well.

Edit: i also have the steam version of the game

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