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Basic tutorial for graphical settings on first launch of the game.

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Basic tutorial I know, but for new comers and those who aren't used to doing it:
When you launch cure for the first time the resolution may not seem right (stretched usually) this is because the engine defaults to aspect ratio 4:3 and resolution 800x600, resolutions these days are usually higher and widescreen (16:9 or 16:10).

Go to "Settings" click the "Video" tab, and set your aspect ratio and resolution to match your monitor. While here you may also want to change the "Advanced" video settings, if your computer has a reasonable or high spec graphics card you may want to max out these settings, if not (or when playing your game lags) you may want to lower them.

When you are done click "Apply/OK" and be sure to exit and relaunch the game, otherwise you may experience graphical anomalies while playing.

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