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It took me almost 4 years but here we are: my second tutorial for Corsix's Mod Studio.

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So today we will learn how to import a unit from another mod as well as the steps to make a unit playable by a human user.
The links to Corsix's Mod Studio as well as File Format Editor are provided at the end of the description.
For the purpose of this tutorial we will implement the guardsmen_codex model which is available in a few DoW mods.
The extract part is required because the model was stored in an sga archive in this mod, most mods will have the files extracted but I wanted to show how files can be easily extracted from the sga archives.
This might be useful in case you want to edit something from the default game like textures and such.
You can simply copy the whm, whe and possibly the lua file of the model.
To check the required textures used by the model we can use file format editor (FFE for short).
SSHR sections have the paths for most (usually all) the textures used by a model.
Some textures might exist in the game like the strategic point textures and so are not required.
RSH files are the default textures without teamcolours applied and WTP define how the teamcolour is applied to the texture.
RTX which I didn't copy are meant for specific colour schemes like those used in the campaign or when you disable teamcolours in skirmish.
After dealing with the textures required, the next step is to check the implementation made on the mod we got the model from.
We cannot always depend on what was implemented by others but for beginners it is a good starting point.
There are 3 hardpoints coded for this model, the first one implements the ranged weapon, the second implements the melee weapon and the last implements the carapace armour upgrade.
Now we go to our mod and create a new ebps based on a copy of a similar unit.
Then we change the model in entity_blueprint to the desired one.
A quick comparison indicates some weapons are named the same in the new model as they were on the default guardsmen.
So we just add the new ones and create weapons as required.
Try to copy your weapons from similar ones since each weapon has a specific role.
It will save you time in the initial implementation and you can change anything later.
Usually you would check the correct muzzle and origin from the actual model but without access to that just use what was used by others and adjust as required.
Now we change the requirements of the copied weapons to guarantee they will be usable ingame.
We can always check the weapons the model was coded with in the whe file of the model.
In this case the original modder didn't implement the sniper rifle.
We could add it but I will not do it because we only have 4 possible upgrades in this UI and this would be the 5th heavy weapon.
Now we implement the carapace armour upgrade. The weapon file can be the same on both upgrades since there is no actual stats difference given by the upgrade itself, it is merely a visual change.
I added a modifier section to the entity to allow the carapace armour upgrade to appear randomly for testing purposes.
Now we create a squad for the unit and copy the name.
Then I replace the guardsmen in the infantry command with the codex version.
All that remains is to change the trooper base to the entity file we created earlier and the squad will work.
You can also add the entity to the teamcolour preview to check if it was implemented correctly.
Some models require others due to animations and so the pink cube in the army painter would be a faster check than starting a skirmish.
When implementing new models make sure to run the game in dev mod and check the logfiles, specially the warnings and sound logs.
Any missing sounds, fx, textures and decals will appear in the logs so you can find the required files.
To set the game to dev mod you can change the launch options in steam by writting -dev or by placing it after the path in a shortcut in the target section.

Get Corsix's here:

Latest FFE version:


this may sound dumb, but I downloaded the file editor but cant figure out how to open it, I just have a .bat file and a bunch of other things that seem associated with the program, but not the program itself.

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Did you end up figuring it out mate?

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GreenScorpion Author

Sorry for the late reply but moddb doesn't notify about comments on articles :|

Assuming that you have java installed (it is required by many webpages and programs) you can simply run the .jar file in the folder. The .bat file doesn't always work depending on windows version.

If you don't have java re installed just download it here:

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I have a problem, I'm told that "MSVCP71.dll" was not found, reinstalling the program can correct this problem "but no

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Just had this problem: Go to and put the file into the folder that you put Corsix's Mod Studio in.

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The download link doesn't work

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