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Today I will make a reference of some features of an ebps rgd from a unit and how those things appear in the Mod Studio.

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Today I will make a reference of some features of an ebps rgd from a unit and how those things appear in the Mod Studio.

The first thing to do is opening the mod (or creating a new one if there is none) by selecting its module file in the game folder.
Then we just navigate through the folder structure like we would when on the mod folder.
As you can see in the chaos_marine_bolter file which defines the stats of each chaos marine soldier.
An ebps like several other files in the DoW modding consists of several extensions programmed in the engine of the game.
Some extensions only work with certain ebps (building extensions only work with building files).
In this ebps are most of the extensions used in an unit.
By order:
Set abilities for the unit (active or passive)
Link the weapons existent in the model with the ones coded with damage and other stats
Define the cost of the entity which influenciates the recruiting cost but not the reinforce cost
Cover modifiers and such
Entity blueprint links to the model itself and defines the colision size of the unit
Health defines several values like hipoints and regeneration but also the ressurection of the necrons
Moving sets speed of the unit and other traits of the deslocation of the unit
Sight defines the range of the sight and the keen sight or infiltrated detection
Syncdeath and synckill determines that the unit can be killed in a synkill and perform it, respectively, and how it happens
Type defines things like the armour of the unit
UI sets things like speech, icon of the unit, name and description

Exploration is advised to really absorb the details of each thing in the file and even comparing it with other files.
As long as a backup of the files are made, making some changes won't give you much more trouble then grabbing the backup in case of a crash or something.

That is all for today's tutorial, any question or sugestion can be provided in the comment section.

Get Corsix's here:


So I finally got around not being lazy and watching your tutorial, and thought I might as well give you some feedback:
First off, you may not realize this, but this is *awesome*, and unprecedented afaik. I don't know of any other DoW modding tutorials that require pretty much 0 previous modding knowledge.
There's only a few things I'd improve:
- Include a download link for Corsix's Mod Studio on the description/similar.
- It's mostly a whim of mine, but... get OBS? It's an open source streaming/recording app, and the most efficient one I've ever seen in about every aspect. Configuring it can be kinda tricky due to all the advanced options in it, but it's by far the most efficient alternative I'm aware of.
- Related to the previous point, the cursor in this video is invisible, that'd need a fix.
- If not an issue for you and you intend to make many of these videos, a better mic would help, the one you used here caught misc background noise, but this is mostly me being nitpicky.

Great work, and looking forward to next the one!

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GreenScorpion Author

If you check this video ( ), you will notice the mic problems were pretty much solved (me being nervous still ruins sound a bit but at least you won't hear the ventilation fan like in the Corsix's tutorial).
The link lack was a mistake and i will check the rest. Hidden cursor was likely the fact that i use the same program to record ingame videos and so forgot about enabling cursor and also enabling those pretty visible cursor effects.

It was done because someone asked me about Corsix's and it is good to start with the basics.

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