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The Heart of TWF, Model conversations without 3dsMax is the think that makes this Mod Work.

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Hello, and Welcome!

Another Tutorial by your friend, Jason. Today we have the bread and butter of No 3dsmax Modeling ~Conversions~

Now Why Convert Models? Well because 3dsmax 7 or 9 are very hard to find. You can use this for Either CnC3 Tiberium Wars or Red Alert 3, it can also be used for assets from Kanes Wrath and CnC4

Now to convert models you need

  • The Models. You can find Many CnC Models publicly, though Give Credit ok?
  • Notepad++ or your Favorite XML editor

Now when you have the model in front of you, you will have many of them. We need to find the Model Files, With suffexes ending with _SKN or _COL.

You have to open these Files in Notepad++ and find the Shaders. You can CTRL F this.
The Main Shaders you need to change are dependent on game and Faction.

<FXShader ShaderName="ObjectsGDI.fx" TechniqueIndex="0">

<FXShader ShaderName="ObjectsNOD.fx" TechniqueIndex="0">

<FXShader ShaderName="ObjectsAlien.fx" TechniqueIndex="0">

<FXShader ShaderName="ObjectsAllied.fx" TechniqueIndex="0">

<FXShader ShaderName="ObjectsSoviet.fx" TechniqueIndex="0">

<FXShader ShaderName="ObjectsJapan.fx" TechniqueIndex="0">

When you see these lines, Replace ALL of them with the Proper Shader of the Game and side you want.

After you replace all the shader lines, save it. That will count for 80% of all publicly available assets. This can all Moddable Sage games.

I hope this helps you intermediate modders out there! have fun!

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