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This document includes the Changelog of the System Shock Rewired Mod. It will be updated with each new release.

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version 1.3.3
- added the custom reactor soundtrack back in. The music no longer causes errors when playing

version 1.3.2
- changed installation instructions in the installation_instructions.txt
- new faces for Megan Cosgrove & Hank Thompson (the voice actors provided their faces!)

version 1.3.1
- removed the custom reactor soundtrack due to it causing error messages in the current build of the sourceport update. Will be added back later when the sourceport is updated to allow custom reactor music

version 1.3.0
- added fully voiced audiologs
- added enhanced edition (sourceport update) compatibillity
- new and improved areas
- alarm signals

version final1.2.9
- bugfixes
- cyberspace levels are now in final state
- fixed a bug with the first cyborg assassin that decided to become invincible
- leaving cyberspace on level 3 will no longer delete your items

version 1.2.8

version 1.2.7
- level 3's radiation has spread to intended radius

version 1.2.6
- forgot to fix mainframe elevator on level 1. its now fixed
- added new custom texts to cybstrng.res and gerstrng.res
- level 1 is now in its final state
- level 3 is completely overhauled and now in its final state
- added emergency access area on level 3
- added a second cpu node passcode to level 3
- level 0 is now in its final state
- added experimental weapon storage area on level 0
- added broken freight elevator on level 0

version 1.2.4
- new and changed rooms, new enemy placements
- adjusted tile music index to support the custom soundtrack release in the near future
- added additional paper texts to increase immersion and helping the player
- lowering security of level 1 to 25% will no longer make the healing suite forcefield reappear
- respawn of critters when returning from level 0 should work now
- its no longer possible to glitch through some doors (sorry speedrunners :()
- players are now able to activate the resurrection chamber on level 0 without to lock themselves in
- all points of no return are now fixed and its no longer possible to lock yourself in
- every ICE protected item in cyberspace should now be able to hack (just keep shooting!)
- it is now required to explore the majority of level 0 to proceed in the game

version 1.2.3
- minor bugfixes and adjustments to localisation

version 1.2
- fixed a gamebreaking bug. a lever was stuck
in a wall and couldnt be accessed
- people in audiologs are no longer lazy and say neurosurgeRY

version 1.1
- integrated the german language file into the mod
- the cyberspace disco has opened for cyborgs?

version 1.0
- fixed spawnpoints of enemies
- added final versions of audio(text)logs

- fixed spawn of additional critters on combat:3
critters now get removed instead of spawned

- adjusted and new wire puzzles
- puzzle 3 difficulty balanced
- added super secret with special thanks textlog
- increased shodan critter HP to 3001
- some ICE-blocked items in cyberspace should
now be harder to hack with the drill software

- improved and thighter shodan cyberspace
- less cover and new surprises on level 3
- minor adjustments to geometry and triggers

- various grammar and spelling errors fixed
- new textlogs and emails added
- removed ecology trigger on level 1 (caused infinite respawn)
- fixed enemy placements (there were some problems)

- fixed gamebreaking bug (allowed early access to healing suites)

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