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Basic modding. Recommended for novice modders. It also covers several subjects. For example, weights, running speed, mission rewards, damage factor, initial equipment, etc. Part 2.

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The Basic modding of the game, Part 2: The player features

You will need Notepad + + -, so before you begin, download. In this tutorial you will learn how to edit the properties of its own character. Let's start with a weight limit. Open configs folder. Open system.ltx, with a text editor. Go to configs \ creatures folder. Open actor.ltx, with a text editor. In the system.ltx, go to line 107 and write the value near the "=" to 120! In actor.ltx, go to line 22 and write the value first and the second value to 110 to 120! Go to line 181 and change the value to 130.0! Change in weight and that's it, it does not require a separate test, and then, if everything is finished.

The next, the player's speed. In the actor.ltx, go to line 31 and mark the opportunity after the values increases by 3. That's the speed.

The following is the damage. In actor.ltx, go to line 63 and change the last value to 0.30, go to line 64 and change the last value to 0:40, go to line 65 and change the last value to 0.50, go to line 66 and change the last value to 1:00. Go to line 125 to 133 and change all values to 0.2 and 0.20. Go to line 136 to 144 and change all values to 0:40. Go to line 147 to 155 and change all values to 0.90. Go to line 158 to 166 and change all values to 2.0. That's all.

The following is the jump is the height of the conversion. Go to line 23, and change the value to 12.0. With this you can Jump Higher, But Will Hurt When You Arrive.

The next and last, the group changed. It has not yet been tested, so not sure if it works, but I think it will. Open the character_desc_general, files, and the 44 lines of text between , write to stalker.

Now test the game. If it works, then good, if not you do it changes back to a fraction of the original.

Okay, that"s all. Good Hunting, Stalker!
Created by - SuperKocka

shinkicker - - 10 comments

It would be a lot easier to give the variable names to change instead of the line numbers. Each mod adds comments which throw out the line numbers, so someone following this will end up changing the wrong values.

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Shidentora - - 1,391 comments

Nakopavač Holene ma pravdu, Superkocko. Proste to copy(ne copycat)-pastuj lajnu za lajnou a pod každou origoš lajnou uved tu samou zmenenou a pod ni vysvetleni, k cemu to je, a tak dal, ne? Vsjo prosta, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

So, to translate this:
shinkicker is right, Superkocka. Simply copy-paste the stuff line by line, copy pasting the modded example of the given line under it with an explanation under that, and so on. It's thak simple, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Shidentora - - 1,391 comments


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