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i.e. Enemies and Players dont have the same model, a intermediate tutorial with a video to acompany it as per a request (video does not have a commentary cus i dont have a mic and i cant be arsed to go to the shops and buy one)

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To fulfill a request for a written version of this, here is a written version of this :P

First Of All:
I used Uncodex and Notepad ++, if you use a different piece of software thats fine as long as you know how to do the same things that i do.

Now Open Up UDK but minimise it (DONT CLOSE IT,or youll be stuck later)

So step One i guess:
Open up uncodex, make sure your tree is nice and up to date, then look for a class called UTFamilyInfo. Within this class there should be a subclasses and a subclass within that. Select the first Subclass (UTFamilyInfo_Liandri) and click on "copy class name". now create a new subclass of (UTFamilyInfo), paste in the name into the name box and change the last bit (for example i called mine 'UTFamilyInfo_Soldier' because the model i was going to use looked like a soldier, always give things sensible names) now create a subclass underneath that subclass and call it (UTFamilyInfo_Soldier_Male), replacing soldier with whatever you called yours.

Step Two? i know im not very good at breaking this up.
Open up your two new classes in Notepad++ (or whatever you use) and open up the classes that you copied the nams from (if your having trouble watch the video in HD and you should see what im on about).
Now We're going to copy the content from one into the other for both sets (ie. we copy the content from UTFamilyInfo_Liandri into UTFamilyInfo_Soldier, and UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male into UTFamilyInfo_Solder_Male), then find the places where names are wrong , so at the top of both documents there is a class definition change the bits ther that say 'Liandri' to 'Soldier' (or whatever, im gonna keep calling it soldier). You Should Also Change the Faction And Family ID, i used 'SOLD' for the FamilyID and 'Soldier' For the Faction.

Step Three. More Code Editing :D what fun!
Changing the model!, open up UDK from your taskbar go into your content browser and find your skeletal mesh of your character (i used the built in Soldier one because im lazy and couldnt be arsed finding translations of rigging in 3Ds Max to Blender) now right click on its icon in the content browser and click 'copy name to clipboard'
Go back into Notepad++ (or whatever) and find a variable called CharacterMesh, would look something like this ('CharacterMesh=BlahBlah') now replace BlahBlah with whats in your clipboard

Now Go into your Unreal Frontend and recompile, this is where i make a mistake in the video because i had a spelling mistake :P oops

If you have any errors look at your code and compare it to whats in the video up there ^ Were not done yeat so dont go complaining its not working, we are just making sure you havent made a mistake so far

Step Four(Mostly Testing Yayy)
Now Go back to uncodex and look for the text("Families.Add(class'UTFamilyInfo") should come up with a result in the file "UTCharInfo.uc", opn it in Notepadd++ and clear the read-only flag by right clicking its tab and selecting "clear read-only flag" Scroll down to "Families.Add(class'UTFamilyInfo" on line eighty-something copy the line and paste it underneath the original, change where it says Liandri to Soldier.
Back To uncodex again search for UTFamilyInfo (fullltext search again) look for a result in UTPlayerReplicationInfo.uc(or something like that) do a search for liandri and about line 576 you should see something farmilliar, change the class name from liandri to solder and your done! :D robots and people have different models!

Recompile and then all that testing i promised :P

Step Five: (not realy a step but some things you could try)
You could change the soundgroup of your character by creating a new one and linking to it in UTFamilyInfo_Soldier
You could change the mugshot from a boring old robot in UTPlayerReplicationInfo .uc
Profit :D

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i cant do it :'(

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YOU IDIOT, TRY HARDER!!!!!!, go die in fire!

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Wow, easy man...

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i wanted a comment :P

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lol troll

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You tutorial did nothing except than make my UDK game crashes....
Great now I had to delete the change that make it crashe

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