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Well its time for another oddly titles update! Yay.

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Well it's been a while since we did any updates, we had a lot of college work piled up that needed sorting but all is good.

I've finally managed to sort out the ZP website to a point where it's usable, I've also gotten a system to work where the awards and stats from games are stored so that you can see them.
You can link your SW account to the stats system to have them display on your profile etc.
We also have a surprise .... part, of the website that we won't reveal until the release of the game but I'll give you much more info on that later. It'll be linked to your stats but give you complete freedom and revolves around popular things these days.

We have made much progress on the game, the re-creation of the Alpha Map is complete, all the things work and ambiance is sorted so that everything works well and looks as creepy as possible, I'll get screenshots of this up soon, currently we're all in college so I don't have access to the game.

Along with this I've got some nice images of weapons to show you, once I get the angles sorted etc, they even have some nice animations and such, iron-sights are being tweaked a little more but thats a simple bit of code. Then we just need to sort out the systems to get zombies working fully and its all up to you!

Because we're close to a pre-alpha release (NOTE: PRE-alpha, it'll probably not work many times) we will give you info on specs and download sizes and many other things as soon as we can, along with the info on how to get it etc.
What this also means is once we have an alpha to test and get bugs we can start working on our second project which we are planning out, but that's another story. I'll still be doing 99% of my work here and being stressed when tiny things cause huge issues. GeneralBert will be doing more work on the second project as he has already completed many of the maps for ZP.

I'm rambling, thats todays update, we'll have more info soon and on the second project for those interested.
Keep looking!



Ye you always got people interested with those titles :p

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