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Just a glance at the fully updated doctrine trees, and some new units.

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Alright guys, I know it's been a while since we had a beta, and trust me, it's for a good reason. When you play the next beta, you will be so impressed, we bet you'll be willing to pay for the mod (not really :D).

So, to tie you guys over, we're going to talk a little bit about the doctrine trees and how they affect the game and any tactics you use. Each tree has 4 columns, just like in the Tales of Valor campaigns. The columns are still the same, but we've restructured themselves enough for us to talk about them right now.

Tree 1: Hunting Tactics

Column 1: Firepower
1) Shotguns - Each squad gets 2 shotguns free of charge!
2) Sniper Rifle - Each squad leader gets a sniper rifle, and a bonus "snipe" ability.
3) Mines - Yep, you can lay mines
4) Traps - Like a mine, but much better.
Column 2: Camouflage
1) Hide - You can stay invisible, but only in one spot. You can't shoot or use abilities.
2) Move - Yep, now you can move during camouflage, but very slowly.
3) Abilities - Now you can throw those grenades while invisible, but you'll get spotted.
4) Invisible - You can do whatever the f*** you want and stay camo.
Column 3: MacGyver
1) Explosive Charges: Throw 'em like grenades, or plant them.
2) Poison Traps: Those traps you got in "firepower", well, now you can make poison ones.
3) Upgrade Traps: Makes sense, right?
4) First Aid: For a nominal fee, you can restore your squad's health, unless they're infected.
Column 4: Outdoorsmen
1) Park Rangers: Like survivors, but with better guns.
2) Hunters: Like snipers, but not as good.
3) Trucks: Load 'em up, run zombies over, whatever. You can build trucks.
4) Survival Training: Random stuff that can help out.

Tree 2: First Responders

Column 1: Civilians
1) Flashlights - Sight radius increases. No, you won't be able to actually use flashlights.
2) 911 - Increases morale a bit, but that's it to be honest.
3) Emergency Supplies - Need more ammo? Here you go.
4) Morale Boost - Do you feel better now? NOW GO KILL ZOMBIES!
Column 2: SWAT
1) SWAT Van - Like a truck, but more, swat vannish.
2) SWAT Team - Like marines, but more swattish.
3) Upgun SWAT - SWAT units get better guns.
4) SWAT Sniper - Pew pew shoost shoost.
Column 3: Brute Force
1) Riot Tactics - You get rewarded for blobbing! How great is that?
2) Gas - Poison gas will kill zombies for a few minutes.
3) Barricades - Need a bit of space? Block it off with your barricades!
4) Upgun Civilians - Yeah! Now civilians get good guns!
Column 4: Red Cross
1) First Aid - Heal your guys.
2) Quick Response - Your dead guys won't become zombies. I promise.
3) Immunity - You can't get killed for about 30 seconds.
4) Vaccine/Cure - You can steal zombies.

Tree 3: National Guard

Column 1: Quick Response
1) National Guard Infantry - Like marines, but national guard, and with not-as-good guns.
2) Marines - You can get spotters and marines. Spotters are needed for artillery.
3) Humvees - You get 2 humvees. Come on, this isn't rocket science.
4) Blackhawk Attack - Like a strafe, but with a blackhawk helicopter and 2 miniguns.
Column 2: Firepower
1) Artillery - KABOOM! You need spotters first.
2) Bradley - You get a light armored vehicle.
3) A10 Surveillance - 2 or 3 A10's will cover an area for 1 minute, strafing any zombies.
4) AC130 Spooky Support - A C130 will shoot any zombies that move (spotter, anyone?) for 1 minute.
Column 3: Logistics

1) Better Radios - Your squads will move normally in enemy territory and faster in your own territory.
2) Supplies - Need more ammo? Woah. Deja vu!
3) Morale Boost - Where have I seen this before?
4) To The Death! - Yeah! What he said! Just, not me...
Column 4: Counterattack
1) Upgun all units - That's right, all units.
2) Mines - Again, you can lay mines.
3) No Fear! - You can't get killed for 1 minute.
4) Sniper Team - Really good sniper and his spotter.

Phew, that was a lot of work. Now, how does this affect gameplay?

Well, it's quite simple. Depending on your doctrine choice, you need to do more or less work. First responders is more of a defensive doctrine. Hunters is stealth. National Guard is just pure munitions and fuel. It's really up to you.

Also, depending on your doctrine, you can build unique structures specific to that doctrine.

Ok, that's it for now.


Whatever happened to the "**** you" ability? :D

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Its probably a unit ability rather than a doctrine one. Maybe the marines will have it.
Sounds interesting, can't wait to see the zombie ones and find out what counters they will have to the Humvees and Bradleys.

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will the next release be 2.600 compatible??

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burtondrummerNY Author


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What exactly does the morale bonus do? make units shoot faster and more accurately?

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burtondrummerNY Author

They can move faster , shoot better, etc for a time period.

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when is the approxomit date of release

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burtondrummerNY Author

No clue, as stated in about 1,000 other places.

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