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This news focuses on the new and/or restored content of various foodstuffs for 2.6 version of Yet Another Unofficial Patch for Gothic II Gold.

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With the classic Gothic game formula created by Piranha Bytes, a limited selection of comestibles was initially introduced in the very first game, but only with the third part of the trilogy, actual cooking and multitude of foodstuffs appeared (and that is true as well for Arcania, Risen, and ELEX).

There is a lot of new foodstuffs in the mod already, but with the next version, even more new items of that category were introduced, plus new "subcategory" of juices and ointments as well.



1. Apple, Banana, Carrot, Pear, and Plum.

- Apple (4 Health) [4 gold].
- Banana
(6 Health, 6 Mana) [18 gold].
- Carrot
(2 Health, 2 Mana) [6 gold].
- Pear
(3 Health, 1 Mana) [5 gold].
- Plum
(1 Health, 3 Mana) [7 gold].

The fruits (the carrot is called that here only for the uniformity of the concept) by themselves usually are not too worthwhile (maybe except the apples, given their well known innate bonus), so to enhance their capacity for being a somewhat more noticeable merchandise and inventory pieces, they can now be used in the new procedure of pressing juices (each selection always demands 10 fruits), which is done at pitchers, where a Stomper is required, but no particular training is needed. The fruits now appear as loot at defeated NPCs and monsters, and are purchasable at vendors, and some can be found in the worlds.


2. Apple Pomace, Banana Nectar, Carrot Juice, Pear Slush, and Plum Mash.

- Apple Pomace (40 Health) [40 gold].
- Banana Nectar
(60 Health, 60 Mana) [180 gold].
- Carrot Juice
(20 Health, 20 Mana) [60 gold].
- Pear Slush
(30 Health, 10 Mana) [50 gold].
- Plum
Mash (10 Health, 30 Mana) [70 gold].

All juices are the concentrated forms of their respective fruity ingredients, hence why each represents the scores of the given fruit times 10. A very limited amount of juice bottles can be bought or found in the worlds, but they never appear as loot.



3. Roast Beast.


4. Mushroom Pate.


5. Bone Broth.


6. Hardtack.


7. Fireflush Brandy.

- Roast Beast (107 Health) [107 gold] {11 Raw Meats/85 gold}.
- Mushroom Pate (116 Health) [116 gold] {6 Digger Meats/85 gold}.
- Bone Broth (39 Mana) [78 gold] {15 of any bones/35 gold}.
- Hardtack (16 Health) [16 gold].
- Fireflush Brandy (+1 max Mana, +250 EXP) [550 gold].

The large amounts of Raw Meats, Digger Meats (especially for those who are not apprentices to Constantino), and bones (both versions) always accumulate in the inventory in almost every playthrough. To address this issue in a creative way, that is supplemental to the frying procedure and in sync with the designated NPCs who are capable of preparing dishes for the player, two other NPCs and three new "designs" joined the ranks of food preparation.

Ciroc, the "chef" in the castle in the Valley of Mines knows how to fix up a meat roast and some mushroom pate, but he requires the player to bring the basic components and provide quite a bit of gold to utilize his culinary skills. Snaf, the tavern "owner" in the bandit camp in Jarkhendar, can boil a broth from supplied bones, which feels like a cheap substitute for the basic Mana restoring essence. However, the man needs to read the recipe first to get the thing going, and the recipe in question is hidden somewhere in the camp, in a stone chest. None of these delicacies can be bought or found or looted, being exclusives to their individual "authors".

While at it, for a tiny fee Edda can now also cook the normal version of fish soup, in addition to her daily rationed "special".

Furthermore, hardtack, the long lasting military "bread", made an introduction and was distributed among the population of militiamen, paladins, and pirates (and two food merchants), as these groups are most likely to care about having it at all.

Additionally, at Salandril the player can buy the special alcohol recipe that can be proffered to Samuel, who's the only person capable of actually creating it. Once the fermentation is finished, the player is permitted to buy the limited stock of this Risen related Easter Egg from the pirate.

Finally, all NPCs that handle cooking received updated scripts, so now the player can acquire their choices in bulk if they have corresponding amount of ingredients.



8. Azure Salve.


9. Black Ointment.


10. Crimson Salve.

- Azure Salve (200 Mana) [400 gold] {1 Fire Nettle/2 Fire Weeds/1 Jar of Mole Rat Fat}.
- Black Ointment (+2 max Mana) [1000 gold] {25 Dark Mushrooms/1 Jar of Mole Rat Fat}.
- Crimson Salve (200 Health) [200 gold] {1 Healing Plant/2 Healing Herbs/1 Jar of Mole Rat Fat}.

The method of delivering curatives via potions is the most popular fantasy "trope", but rubbed or spread ointments/salves might be the second most common.

Since quantities of collected Dark Mushrooms in most playthroughs (again, for those not allied with Constantino as his apprentice) are high as well, and eating 50 samples of them to get the bonus is somewhat tedious, the new recipe for a powerful ointment is now a solution for those inclined. But to comprehend the recipe the player has to know the alchemy skill of Essence of Mana plus the most advanced, priestly language of the Builders, since the instructions are to be obtained only in the house of the Healers from a stone bookstand.

The player's inventory gets bloated with Healing Plants/Herbs and Fire Nettles/Weeds usually as well (even more if the player didn't learn alchemy skills for the matching potions made with these plants), so the two new recipes that require knowledge of either Extract of Healing/Mana were added to Salandril in the Chapter 2. The value of health or mental power replenished via salves is somewhat lesser than from three matching extracts but that's to reflect on the fact that salves work externally rather than internally. Nonetheless, this might be a viable option for those who ran out of (or want to save) Meadow Knotweeds required for concoctions and have extra Jars of Mole Rat Fat.

The new "trophy" skill of squeezing fat from defeated Mole Rats, taught by Grimbald, is essential for gaining the base needed for all ointments and salves without spending too much gold on it with merchants (and their stock is fairly limited, by the way).

Furthermore, apprentices to Constantino will now receive full +5 max Mana bonus for each 50 Dark Mushrooms brought to the alchemist; this to make the old goat more appealing as the master in the city and giving yet another alternative for Dark Mushrooms and their innate bonus.

The act of using smelly ointments employs the new special animation.


The pictures above are from Blender in their raw, non rendered form, hence they will look better once processed in the game.


Nice! One question. When I open GothicStarter.exe, I only have Gothic 2 The Night of the Raven. Is that the mod?
It also says Union 1.0g on ingame menu screen.
Can you confirm that that´s the YAUP mod? I don´t want to start a new game if I`m not sure

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Czudak Author

It is not the mod. It should read "Yet Another Unofficial Patch", and in your case, if you do not see it, it means the archive was unpacked where it should not.

Also, it reading Union 1.0g is irrelevant, since Union has its own installer, and the mod's archive is another matter. If the main screen is not the mod's one (with both Gothic II and Gothic II Night of the Raven main screen pictures merged together), then please reread the installation guide again.

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1. Install clean Gothic II NotR/Gold as administrator. It may be from retail CD/DVD or GOG/Steam. It may be of any language, and it doesn't have to be in English. Make very sure it's NOT going to be installed in any Program Files folder. Make ultra sure the path does NOT contain any special ASCII characters of Russian, Polish, German, Spain, Romanian, Italian etc. origin.
2. Download the Resource Manager v3.2 for Union's assets and packages. Launch it as administrator, choose the English language from the initial menu (do NOT select any other language, even if it would match the one of your current Gothic II NotR/Gold installation), then select the "Union" directory from the left.
3. Download, then install (click on the box once the selection is downloaded) the "Patch for x64 systems". This patch already contains the newest SystemPack v1.9 and Gothic Report v2.6 Revision 2 and 4GB/LAA modkits, so you don't need to install them separately.
4. Download, then install (click on the box once the selection is downloaded) the "Union v1.0g" package.
5. Download, then install the Gothic II PlayerKit v2.8 as administrator.
6. If you didn't do that before, launch the game at least once, via Gothic2.exe or a shortcut leading to it, so it could create various required configuration files.
7. Download YetAnotherUnofficialPatchV25.7z (780 MB), then unpack its contents into X:\Your Gothic II NotR/Gold\ main installation directory.
8. Launch GothicStarter.exe, select this mod, and play.

I did everything by the book ... That´s strange ...I´ll try again later ... Thanks for the quick reply!

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Well, got it. 7zip extracted it in a folder with the zips name. Didn´t expecta that hahahaha. Thanks for this this mod.

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I'm glad to see that we can cook some food! I hope that there will be also an option to cook the fishes, since I never liked the system of giving fish to the Edda and getting a soup for it. It does make sense from a very short time, which PB has for developing this game, however, It would be much better, if we would make our own soup.

Though, I'm not that sure, about the Apple Pomace, since the apples could add the strength (if you haven't removed this).

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Czudak Author

My Marky Mark, Edda provides the special type of fish soup. But you're correct, it's high time to add an option to her person on cooking the regular version.

However, in this mod all cooking of more advanced selections will be executed by proxy by NPCs since this way this can cost gold, and be somewhat of a strategical and tactical choice, as the gold in the purse isn't supposed to be unlimited. Plus, it requires visiting an NPC who otherwise wouldn't be of any further use.

The player themselves can fry "raw" edibles on the pan or stoves, so there is that; let the player dabble in primitive culinary actions, and leave professional choices to professionals.


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Czudak Ha ha ha. Why Marky Mark thou?

That's been interesting, and I'm looking forward for that!

Wait, you implemented some kind of limit of the gold?

Since the nameless is chosen of the gods, he could be a professional as well. However, I felt, that he probably wouldn't have time for that, since he needs to get the eye, as soon as possible. Or at least, how the game presents it, even if there is practically absolutely no time limit.

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Czudak Author

Trust me, it's going to be all awesome. You would find out once you would play v2.6 (thanks, I knew I could count on you).

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