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What is never enough? Chicks, bucks, FPS? A small progress report, just to remind we're still alive here, sort of.

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What is never enough? Chicks, bucks, FPS? Umm, no. Testing of course!

Deck16 on linux lulz

Test it on Linux, they said. Use the force, they said. So I did. Terrible, terrible it is! But it's WINE :D
Ok, Linux by itself is not guilty, probably. And also I didn't run HL/XDM natively. The main thing is - old APU. I don't have any other, sorry :D

Now, some good news: LLAPb (don't read that in latin) made a huge attempt in porting z-bots (cs-bots?) to HL/XDM. And they work! To some extent. Well, they move, that is. And shoot. And lag. They eat so much CPU that oughtta be careful to not to burn your house down. Most likely, the problem lies within navigation algorithm, but it's not easy to track down, provided it's completely new foreign code all around. Also, I made some minor fixes and a little addition: now model/character.txt may specify custom voice pitch so you don't have to duplicate voice packs just for that.

See ya! I hope you learned something.

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Great! To some extent... :D

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Great to hear this mod is still being worked on and new things are added and incorporated. :)

Not sure is you should implement the z-bot to the mod... I mean the code for it was leaked/hacked so this could lead to backlash on the mod... If you're for adding good bot, maybe you should consider Grave Bot?

About testing on Linux... why don't you raise a VM with Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Workstation (both of those are free, and they will provide you with full fledged and working Linux or any other Host OS you desire...)

Side question... do you have a beta test program? And if yes how can we as audience participate?

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I thought Zbots were legit, lol. :D
We thought they supported navmesh and (theoretically) make bots crawl and avoid deadly ledges. As for Grave Bot - I've never seen it, seems to be based on HPB as well. Anyway, we don't have much resources for experimentations now. \(o_o)/
Also, I hate this kind of code (in XDM too):

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BTW, turning off cl_effects/particles helps a lot! And LoDs are good too. But still, even with all the optimisations, XDM is not exactly a low-fi mod because if its maps and abundance of GFX.

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Zbot code is reverse engineered, so there is no anything illegal in it, don't worry!
Second, mister LLarb, as far as I know, wrote a huge amount of a new code, did alot of bug fixes and wrote new algorythms for these bots, and, of course, drunk alot of moonshine during this process! So, all of this means that the new code, based on reverse engineered zbot code belongs now only to mr.LLarb, nothing more to say here.
for those who didn't get it - I recommend GTFO!

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