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The latest release of the X20 Mod is now available! Compatible with Unofficial Patch 10.5. (Edit: 10.6 now supported)

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I skipped a news article for the release of X20 1.2, so if you missed out, this will cover both.

X20 1.3 is updated and designed for compatibility with VTMB Unofficial Patch 10.5 Final.

Edit: X20 Plus 1.4 is available for compatibility with the newly-released 10.6 Final. X20 Basic requires no changes so is still at 1.3.


Previously, on X20 1.2:

  • Gimble's Prosthetics: Clarified that Gimble's been planning something with Imalia and Tawni
  • General: Improved 18 Discipline symbols in UI, removed legacy five ovals
  • Giovanni Mansion: Added Giovanni symbol to Voce del Morte
  • Asp Hole: Replaced Neverending Story AURYN designs with VTES tri-snake
  • General: Up-rezzed four more paintings to 4x original resolution: Pierre August Renoir's Two Sisters; William Henry Bartlett/J. Cousen's The Tomb of Washington, Mount Vernon; William Adolphe Bouguereau's Childhood Idyllk, and Edvard Munch's Love and Pain
  • Downtown: Missing Person poster on bus shelters
  • General: Wall clock changed to a subtle VTM reference rather than Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Santa Monica Haven: Improved Strauss' monogram
  • Santa Monica: Lily's license plate is redone in higher rez, should be much easier to read
  • A couple of refs to streamers in the fake products found at Red Spot and elsewhere
  • + "Reverse foreshadowing" with the hotel concierge added to Prince's endgame dialog. Thanks Zhorzh and Faeles for the idea!
  • + Updated Knox description when asking Asylum bartender where to find him.
  • + Tweaked a few entries in the Ground Zero's Hollywood Database.
  • + Email added to Tawni's computer: she was probably doomed anyway.
  • + Tweaked Chateau Marmont computer
  • + Corrected name of the Giovanni book in description


Currently on X20 1.3:

  • General: Updated for compatibility with VTMB Unofficial Patch 10.5 Final
  • General: Up-rezzed magazine rack, added NyteBlayde comic
  • General: Added NyteBlayde comic to magazine pile
  • General: Improved back seat taxi license for cab driver.
  • Venture Tower: LaCroix Foundation is a division of the Fraser Foundation
  • Ground Zero: Paid homage to Half-Life 2 with "Radioactive Decay" poster
  • Ground Zero: Replaced "Cock" soda with Saints Flow
  • Vesuvius: Tweaked sizing and placement of text on Vesuvius price sign
  • + General: Updated a number of files for compatibility with Unofficial Patch 10.5 Final.
  • + Tattoo Parlor: Fixed spelling of "Prosthetics."

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X20 Basic 1.3:

X20 Mod 1.3 Basic

X20 Plus 1.4:

X20 Mod 1.4 Plus


Thanks for this new release!

I hope you can update this nice modification again once 10.6 is in its final version.


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