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I'm back again and this time i'm trying to release an patch/update every day.

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X1: Past and Future Mod

Version Beta 3.0

I have recently came back to modding X3: Terran Conflict, it must be this time of year. I was doing three projects when I left, and I have finally came back to update this one. My goal this time was to make the more stable, add more ships, improve the graphics and generally improve things.

Normally when I release a new version I would write a news post before releasing it, however at the time of releasing Beta 3.0 I knew it was not finished in any way. So I have been releasing patches nearly every day since, it is currently up to beta 3.5. I think in its current state its worth advertising it.

When I initially released beta 3.0 (March 05 11) I basically just sorted it out and tried to remember how it worked. To start of with I began bringing over features from my other mod X-Universe Modular Mod, the x-universe mod was actually designed to be an experiment of new ideas so I could incorporate them later into the X1PF mod. So I did.
The mods I brought over included the shield effects mod, directional jet texture enhancement, x2 weapons, the new version of the planet plugin, and the transparent HUD plugin.
However that was not all..

  • Created a new load screen
  • Reworked the MD Scripts
  • Reworked text files
  • Moved over to the plugin manager installation
  • Reworked some more textures.

Later on in 3.1 (March 06 11) I worked on killing bugs, first of I took out the X2 Capital ships and my custom ships as they needed more work. Next I fixed the wrong space suit cockpit problem then was to fix the IRE performance issues.

Now onto 3.2 (March 07 11), this was another bug killing patch. The patch fixed the following problems:

  • Nova A's cockpit position to far back
  • Nova A's Rear turret position incorrect
  • Re-implemented the lensflares into the mod
  • More work on the jobs file for the XBTF style map.

Patch 3.3 (March 08 11) was basically coming up with new names for ships, reworking the text files and improving the shield effect.

Patch 3.4 (March 10 11) I actually developed the mod a bit, I did some more work on the shield mod and planet textures as well as adding the x2 boron fighter ships.

Today's patch (Patch 3.5 March 11 11) I didn't get on with at all. I implemented the x2 boron TS, this ship is very animated, and I don't know if it is the newer x3 game engine that does not allow it to animate the way it should or egosoft didn't do a good job. Can not remember how it looked in x2. I also had a go at re-editing the cloud textures, my first attempt made them look like a low resolution and second attempt made them too sharp. I'm probably going to revert back to the textures I had in Beta 2.0. Other than that I edited the Centaur Corvette's lenflares so that looks abit better.




Download Multi Pack 5 Beta 3.1
Download Multi Pack 5 Beta 3.1 to Beta 3.2
Download Multi Pack 5 Beta 3.2 to Beta 3.3
Download Multi Pack 5 Beta 3.3 to Beta 3.4
Download Multi Pack 5 Beta 3.4 to Beta 3.5


X1PF Beta 3.5 Released March 10 2011
Added / Changed:
* Added x2 boron TS ship (In game, but I can't remember how good the animation was in x2. But in x3 it looks c***)
* Worked on XBTF map styling (Couple of sectors)
* Made argon m6 lensflare smaller (looks slightly better)
* Need to edit shield texture (better)
* Tried out new cloud texture (May change it back)
* Fixed xbtf message coming up even when playing a normal start (still comes up )

X1PF Beta 3.4 Released March 10 2011
Added / Changed:
* Added x2 boron fighters
* More planet texture work
* Created travelling xenon in xbtf map (needs to be tested)
* More Work to shield mod

X1PF Beta 3.3 Released March 08 2011
Added / Changed:
* More work on shield effect
* fixed x2 buster's name
* fixed space suit cockpit
* fixed x2 weapons and re-named them (gamma ones only)
* fixed turret cockpits
* fixed x2 TS's name
* fixed x2 M6's name

X1PF Beta 3.2 Released March 07 2011
Added / Changed:
* Move Nova A's Cockpit position further forward
* Fix Nova A's rear turret camera position
* Fix XBTF Style Map's start up message
* Re-add lensflares
* Fix jobs file for XBTF map

X1PF Beta 3.1 Released March 06 2011
Added / Changed:
* Removed X2 Cap ships for now
* Removed my custom ships for now
* More work to text files
* Fixed X2 IRE performance issues
* Fixed space suit cockpit problem
* Fixed load screen

X1PF Beta 3.0 Released March 05 2011
Added / Changed:
* Sorted out the mod.
* New effects.
* Re-worked HUD.
* Sorted out the text files..
* Some more texture work
* Changed to a fake patch way and using the plugin manager.
* New Load screen.
* 3.1 compatible TShips and components.
* XBTF style map should be working.
* Shield effect added.
* Fixed particle trails


this game needs a serious number of tutorials,easier way to do things and better graphics.

I am trying darkstar one these days,will try the beta later.nice screenshots

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