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Well, it's been a while since any real progress has been made with this mod. Now that summer is over and I'm back to school, I've been spending more time gaming/modding. I have decided that it is time to confirm that Version 7 is indeed being developed. What I can NOT give you guys is an estimation of its completion, as I am making some major changes to the formula. Read below for more info.

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Alright, below I've outlined some key points about Fallout 3 Reborn V7 and discussed them in detail.

The Design

I don't know if you guys have ever noticed, but every Reborn version has been the older versions with a few bug fixes and some new features. While this saves me lots of time and lets you guys get your hands on newer versions much quicker, it has cause me to forget what I set out to do with my Reborn mods. Version 7 will be designed from SCRATCH. Nothing will be re-used except basic ideas.


I feel silly admitting that I've only used my own mod since Version 2, but as this mod has progressed, I've had many people ask about compatibility, and while I still believe that simply using both mods at once is the simplest way to find out whether Reborn will play nice with MMM or such, I believe that it is time I tried some other mods, and made Reborn compatible with them. I will create a list of tested mods, telling you what does and doesn't work with Reborn. Last weekend I tried literally over a hundred mods, many at the same time, and everything from Saving Nova to Enclave Commander. It has broadened my perspective and given me a few new ideas.

Contests (With Prizes!)

Since this version of the mod is going to introduce a few new major features, I am also going to be designing new perks and "Inventions". Inventions are a new feature I'm going to be introducing in V7. What you can do is invent things from 2, 3 or 4 miscellaneous items. The more pieces an item has, the harder it is to figure out the design. Some inventions will be discovered by finding blue-prints throughout the wasteland (such as the custom weapons, which will be included in this system).

At a certain date, when the mod is far enough along in the development phase, I will open the contest for 2 weeks, during which time, each person may enter as many ideas as they want. I will pick what I believe are the top ten (hopefully there are at least ten). The people in the top ten will get the option to become a beta tester and their inventions will be added to the mod. Then the community (minus the people in the top ten) can vote on which invention is the best. The winner will get the code for a 700 Microsoft Points card. If something really weird happens and I get more then 10 decent ideas, I will add those into the mod as well (but you won't get to beta test).


Now, I know you've all been thinking "Compatibility, yay! Contests, yay!", but I'm also going to alert you to a few features I'm planning for V7. First up is redesigned interactive items. Your items you can get in your house will all be redone. Even the Jukebox might be customized to play your favorite tunes and feature the ability to change radio stations, hopefully making it a little less useless. Nuka Cola machines (in V7 the name will be back to normal for a few reasons. Ask me if you want to know why) now actually act like vending machines. I'm even attempting to create new food items such as chocolate bars to add more options in.

I'm planning to add new items in and make miscellaneous items useful. Not only can they now be used to create inventions, I'm also working on making jerry cans and such, which allow you to make all sorts of fun traps. Unfortunately, I'm not a modeler and have no idea where to start on such an endeavor, but if worst comes to worst, I'll use the flamethrower ammo tank or something. A weight rebalance is also in order, as the current weight setup makes no sense whatsoever.

A very rough, but perhaps possible idea is the addition of semi-destructible environments. This means that you could blow down a locked door instead of bothering with the screwdriver and bobby pin combo. Brawn over brains or something like that, right? :P Again, I have zero modeling skill, so I doubt that it's happening.

On the topic of destruction, I am also planning to add new weapons in. I have plans for a breaching charge, a toned down railgun and orbital weapons. There may also be the same arsenal of standard firearms as you can see in V6.

There are many more features, both new and old that will be in V7. There are too many to list and none of them are certain, so you'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Release Date/Beta Testing

As I previously mentioned, there is no set release date. My best guess is a few months. Perhaps a Christmas present if you're lucky :P

A note to all beta testers: the V7 beta is months away, but if you wish to beta test, you must re-sign up. No new recruits at this time please. I just want to see who is still willing to test. The last beta testing program was... well... a massive failure. I got a few helpful people, but the majority didn't even reply to my original messages.

Alright, so that was a pretty long update. I hope you're as excited as I am for this new installment in the Reborn series, till next time,



Nice, this mod might actually make me play fallout for a fifth time :) Really enjoyed V6.

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Slayer_2 Author

Thanks :) And wow, 4 play-throughs? Did you just rush through or something?

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Are you planning on iron sights in this version?
This would make Fallout 3 epic.

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Slayer_2 Author

I may include them. I am trying to get the help of an animator who could manage such things.

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I played the v6 for about 15 minutes and I uninstalled it. In case you care why I didn't want to play it, here are the reasons:
- the weapons you added don't work properly - they don't have textures and the images are missing from the inventory screen (pip boy). Yes, I followed your confusing instructions to the best of my abilities but there were no folders 'meshes' 'sound' and 'textures' before I added the content from your mod. The only folders in the Fallout 3 data folder were 'Shaders', 'Music' and 'Video'.
- the weapons you added are not realistic in the context of the Fallout universe. There is no Glock18 in the Fallout universe, it diverges from our reality far earlier than the Glock was put into production, same as most of the weapons you added
- 'Bullet time' gets stuck (I can't turn it off unless I reload the game). Also it's not presented in a realistic context, it should've been some chemical.
- 9mm rounds tear heads and legs off in your mod. That's not realistic.
- In reality ammo doesn't explode when you shoot it. It just burns and fizzles.

It's too bad, I really wanted a more realistic Fallout and your mod was the reason I reinstalled it. If you just modified damage and health related parameters it would've been great. Oh well..

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Slayer_2 Author

1: Install archive-invalidation, it's not my fault you're a noob. Also, I said it DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDERS OR NOT, either way, YOU MUST INSTALL THE "textures", "meshes" and "sounds" folders. Again, not my fault you can't follow simple instructions.

2: I don't give a **** about the fallout universe. This is based of reality, and in reality, we have guns called Glock 18's and AK-47's. It is a ******* MOD, that means it CHANGES things. Get. over. it.

3: Don't use it if you don't like it, I'll admit it is a flawed system (although it works in my game).

4: So? Neither is the Fallout universe and you like that a lot.

5: See #6, besides, that idea has been dropped in V7.

Honestly, all your problems either are due to incompetence or some faulty idea that my mod must fallow the "rules" of the fallout universe. You had two good points at the end, but compared to your previous statements, they make no sense.

V7 Will be much more to your taste, but really, I don't care if you play it or not. You seem incapable of simply installing the mod AND of giving sensible feedback. Sorry if I came across harsh, but you have NO IDEA how many idiots say the same **** you do. Goodbye.

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Well thank you for your reply.

1. If too "many idiots say the same ****" I do, then maybe your instructions are inadequate. If archive invalidation is so important, why is it not mentioned in the Readme.txt file with the rest of the instructions? It's only mentioned in the description of the download file. Technically you're correct, I didn't read every single line of text on the download page, my bad. If the point of your instructions was to expose me as an idiot, then congratulations, mission accomplished. If on the other hand the point of your instructions was to help users (yes, even 'noobs') install the mod then you might want to rewrite them to be at least as coherent and detailed as your reply to me was.

2. "I don't give a **** about the fallout universe."
Good, you should put that in the description right next to the archive invalidation bit. Of course it's a mod, of course it changes things but adding a Glock makes as much sense as adding a Blackberry instead of the Pip Boy. Of course it's your mod, and you may choose to do just that in the next version but I thought I'd be helpful and offer feedback (which modders usually like to hear).

3. So why replace VATS (which at least works properly) with a flawed system?

4. I like Fallout a lot but some things could have been made better, that's why I was looking for mods.

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Slayer_2 Author

1: I was referring to the "fallout universe" whining. Although I have several people ask about the installation part which is why I have these resources:



(Simple Instructions On the Download Page)

Also I'd like to point out that this mod gets a new update every few MONTHS. The Readme is not always up to date, as no-one would be able to download Reborn because it has to be checked over every time you add a new file or edit an existing one. Simply put, no-one would be able to download the mod for days, and with an average of 20 people downloading a day, I could lose quite a few "customers".

2: I shouldn't have to. It's a mod, the pretentious "everything has to be my way" view of many players is ridiculous. The worst part, all these "noobs" as I term them, don't have a mod to their name. If you designed MMM or Enclave Commander, then you can criticize me and actually make an impact. I am sorry for any hostility towards you, it's just as soon as someone brings up how my mod is "incorrect", I tend to leap for the throat. As for the Blackberry, I actually hate them, and the Stats page is terrible, it doesn't show limb condition. I'll stick with the Pip-Boy 3000.

3: Because VATS is ridiculously easy and unbalances the game. At least bullet-time needs skill. You have to replace the old, working systems with something new and experimental, or else it's NOT A MOD. But bullet-time has been dropped in V7 and VATS is back. Instead, I have things such as shell-shock and perhaps a drug to slow time down.

4: Well if you're looking for something to match the Fallout universe, you either have to wait for V7 or look elsewhere. You could try V4, but it's so out-of date, I won't be able to help you with anything.

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