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We have just launched Worbital beta! Inside are more details about the beta and how to sign up for it.

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Let the cosmic mayhem begin! We are rolling out the Worbital public beta and we invite you to join.

With the launch of the complete game still some time ahead, we thought it would be great to take Worbital out for a test-drive. Starting today, we make a limited version of the game available through Steam. You can sign up by joining our Discord server and requesting a key. Our moderators will get it to you by private message as soon as possible. Join the server with this invite:

Note: though we have a generous supply of keys to offer, their number is limited.

The public beta version of Worbital is different from the one that will be available for purchase at release, as Worbital is still work in progress. Currently it has limited weapon loadout and online multiplayer mode only. Gradually we will introduce more features into the game through regular updates. This will help keep the testing more focused on specific features at certain times. During the beta run, you can expect to see AI and Local Multiplayer modes, as well as additional weapons and a few other things. The beta will become unavailable shortly prior to the final release. After that, Worbital will only be available through purchase. More additions will come to the final game, let them remain a surprise for now.

As the testing goes on, we’ll ask you to fill in a few tester surveys for us, so we can get as much as possible useful info to improve the game. The survey form will be shared on Discord. In addition to that, every now and then we’ll be asking you more direct questions on the #testing chat.

wrb Play with Devs

Our main focus for the public beta and especially its first weeks is testing the online network. That’s why we would like to come and play online with you. This week, Thursday July 12th, join us for a match or two and just to chat about stuff. We’ll be playing starting 5pm EEST/ 10am EDT. See you there!

Whether you’re joining the beta or saving it all till the final launch, you can now add Worbital to your Steam wishlist:


Worbital beta is open. To become a tester:

  1. Join our official Discord server with this invite:

  2. Request a beta key by posting to Worbital #request-beta-key chat (mods will send the key to you as direct message)

  3. Activate the received product key on Steam

Happy blasting!

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