Worbital is a real-time artillery strategy game, peppered with a heavy dose of cosmic chaos. Spun off from the turn-based Interplanetary, Worbital attempts to realize interplanetary war in real-time, emphasizing hype-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction. Each player commandeers a planet, building support structures and increasingly powerful weapons. The goal: be the last civilization standing! With the shifting gravity on your side, aim your cannons, blast your enemies and enjoy the fireworks! It is unshackled from the grounded and deliberate style of its predecessor, in favor of unrealistic fun.

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wrb LocalMultiplayerScreen

Hey, folks! It’s been a while since we put out an update on Worbital development, so let’s take a look and see where the game is now.

We are approaching the Beta stage and Worbital is looking more and more like the game we envisioned it to be. One of the things that has been improving over the last month is local multiplayer (we first mentioned it in our previous status update). Though work is still needed, the local multiplayer is already quite enjoyable, and we are actively testing it inside and outside the team. Last week, we carried out two testing sessions with our fellow Kajaani gamedev studios and neighbours, Bind and Rusto Games.

The testing showed that one of the things we still need to figure out is the solar system size. When you’re playing a 4-player match, you share one screen with your opponents. There is a single static camera set above the solar system. Imagine how chaotic and nauseating it would be with each player moving the camera and zooming it in and out whenever. That would make the local matches completely unplayable, thus the camera view has to remain static. This makes the solar system proportions an issue. How to balance it so that everyone can see clearly what’s happening on the screen, but also to fit everything into single screen? Currently, the players still have to squint every now and then to see the little details, but we’re working on it. See the latest version in the screenshot above. In addition to improving the solar system size, we’re also working on UI polish, to make sure everything is clear and in the most convenient spots.

wrb BattleKitMenu PreBeta

Maybe the most significant recent additions to the game is the Battle Kit edit menu and Factions. There’s a popping variety of weapons available in Worbital, but only a certain limited amount you can use in a match. Before a match, you can select available weapons from the list by going to the Battle Kit from the Main Menu.The list of available weapons will depend on the the faction you choose to belong to. There are three of them: Terrene, Lucid and Celestial (names may be changed later on). The factions will also determine your advisor character, who will pop up during the game to consult you and comment on the events of the match. For that same reason of lack of screen space, the advisors don’t appear in the Local Multiplayer matches.

Worbital’s Beta stage is getting closer with each day. Soon we might require a more extensive testing… Stay tuned for more news on that!

Status Update 05.04.2018: New Weapons, Local Multiplayer, Characters

Status Update 05.04.2018: New Weapons, Local Multiplayer, Characters


Here’s our latest update on the Worbital development. We’re improving the local multiplayer and spectator modes, designing advisor characters and...

What Is… Asteroid(s)?

What Is… Asteroid(s)?


Among the sun and the planets, asteroids are a populous bunch in the Worbital planetary system. How do they work and how can they affect your game?

Status Update 26.02.2018: Working on the Alpha

Status Update 26.02.2018: Working on the Alpha


The latest status update on Worbital, detailing what we've been up to for the past month. New weapons, improved graphics, sound effects, music and more.

Status Update 19.01.2018: Hello, 2018!

Status Update 19.01.2018: Hello, 2018!


The new year has begun, and we're busy working on the schedule for the nearest months.


Oh man this looks awesome. It looks a lot like a game I played when I was a kid, 'cept it was 2d and turn-based. I've been trying to find it for years but I simply can't remember what it was called. I just remember shooting ordinance from one planet to the other, seeing it pulled in by gravity and leaving a big hole on the planet. Maybe you know what it was called?

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val_tjr Creator

Hi! Could it be Warheads (http://www.warheads.net/)?
A while back we got a comment comparing our previous game, Interplanetary, to it.

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Omg I think that is it! Thanks. Anyway looking forward to Worbital, and ill check out Interplanetary for sure too.

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val_tjr Creator

Happy to help! :D

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Apr 18 2018

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