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Let’s go, beta update #7! This time we attempt to make things more social in Worbital and also to limit weapon spamming. Let us take a look.

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wrb BetaUpdate 7

Let’s go, beta update #7! This time we attempt to make things more social in Worbital and also to limit weapon spamming. Let us take a look.

Last week we added AI bots, so you could avoid playing with humans. But now it’s time to get more social. Worbital now has emotes! Emotes are scripted messages you can send to your playmates through your advisor character. You might not be able to share elaborate strategy plans, but you can have fun taunting. Or, you can apologize to your teammate for shooting them. This is a neat way for quick communication between players—simple enough to get a basic message across, but not so distracting as to pull you out of the heat of the game.

Emotes Selection Menu

Emotes Dialogue

Another issue we tackle in this update is weapons spamming. It is a common strategy to build one’s entire arsenal of just one weapon. Autocannon, Railgun, Nuclear Missile… This understandably can be frustrating to other players, but it’s been a legit strategy until now. Starting with this update, we have a structure limit imposed. It allows only a certain number of one weapon to be built at the same time. For instance, you can’t have more than 3 Lasers on your planet at once. Or more than 1 nuke… After testing this internally, we saw that the limit prompted more creative strategies and also made matches more dynamic.

Lastly, the robot invasion is expanding! It is now possible to add AI bots to Custom matches. Other additions include fixes and polish.

Worbital Beta Update, 0.92.3221_Beta7 - August 29th, 2018

  • Features
    • Emote System
      • You can now communicate with your allies and enemies by sending them pre-set messages through your advisor characters
    • Build Limit
      • The amount of same structure types on a single planet is now limited to a preset number
    • AI Bots added to Custom Games

  • Fixes
    • AI players now properly use varying loadouts in AI Duel and AI Chaos matches
    • AI no longer causes a "Not enough charges to shoot" popup to appear
    • Enabled loadout menu controller prompts
    • Fixed a bug that caused sub structure (terraformer, mining probe) upgrade levels to not correspond with their parent structure
    • Removed charge icons from structures without charge mechanic
    • Disconnecting players are no longer converted to AI if the player has already been defeated
    • Fixed some Advisor Messages that were triggered incorrectly

  • Adjustments
    • Adjusted colonized planet selector UI visuals
    • Made colonized planet selector visible even if player only has one planet
    • Added an option to adjust the amount of Advisor Messages received during a match
    • Added new Advisor Messages
    • Adjusted Advisor Message texts
    • Adjusted loadout name box to fit longer names properly
    • Added a pen icon to the loadout name box to indicate it can be interacted with
    • Clicking on a colonized planet now shows it on the Info Corner
    • Advisor animations adjusted
    • Adjusted Pause Menu player list to a vertical format
    • Added ping icons to Pause Menu player list
    • Adjusted the planet core hit sound

  • Balance
    • Increased Refinery fund generation on levels 2 & 3
    • Decreased Orbit Boost power when on orbit
    • Impossible AI made a bit more impossible
    • Planet shards no longer collide with energy projectiles

So much for this week’s update! Remember to fill in our new tester survey form:

Blast you later!

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