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It’s happening, people: the robots are here. They are overtaking the game! In today’s update, we introduce Worbital AI and more.

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wrb BetaUpdate 6

It’s happening, people: the robots are here. They are overtaking the game! In today’s update, we introduce Worbital AI and more.

With update #6, you will be able to play single matches against AI, as well as add AI bots to Quickplay matches if you lack players. The bots are not yet available for Custom matches. AI-players will also be replacing human players if those disconnect from a match. Enjoy the company of our new robotic overlords!

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In other news, we brought Supremacy back, but with a new name - Chaos. In turn, Alliance is out of the Quickplay menu, but you can still play Custom team matches.

And lastly, Worbital beta is now available for Mac. Though, this early version can be unstable, so prepare for some inconveniences. Regardless, we would greatly appreciate the invaluable feedback from Mac-players.

Worbital Beta Update, 0.91.3122_Beta6 - August 22th, 2018

  • Features
    • AI Bots
      • AI can be now played against quickplay modes. It can also be added in quickplay online matches. Currently unavailable in custom games.
    • AI Replace
      • Disconnected players are now replaced with an AI
    • Vote to Start Match
      • Added the ability to vote for a queued match to start with less than the maximum number of people. This sets AI players for the empty slots.
    • Quickplay: Chaos (previously called Supremacy)
      • Removed Alliance (team play) from quickplay and brought back free-for-all, now rebranded as “Chaos”
    • The Worbital Beta is now available for Macs!
      • The Mac version should still be considered unstable
    • Loadouts can now be renamed in the Loadout Edit-menu.
      • The UI for renaming will be improved in coming updates.
  • Fixes
    • Camera no longer shift focus to new planet if currently viewed planet is destroyed while flying controllable projectiles
    • Fixed disappearing repair icons on Planet Minimap
    • Fixed sector information and planet highlight getting stuck when pressing repair button
    • Fixed the “Shortest Time to Win”-Lifetime Statistic
  • Adjustments
    • Adjusted team colors so that the player always sees their team as blue and the opponent as red
    • Added an announcer warning for shooting at an ally planet and destroying an ally planet
    • Reduced the amount of simultaneously visible announcer messages to 3
  • Balance
    • Decreased Defense Spreader and Defense Burster structure damage
    • Decreased Mining Probe build cost

These are the news this week. Please, remember to fill in our new feedback survey after trying the update.

Blast you later!

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