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We are now at our fifth beta update! This week, we introduce sun derailing, Alliance Quickplay mode, and the triumphant return of *drum roll*... asteroids!

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wrb BetaUpdate 5

We are now at our fifth beta update! This week, we introduce sun derailing, Alliance Quickplay mode, and the triumphant return of *drum roll*... asteroids!

With the World Rammer, you can derail planets off their orbit, But why stop there? Now you can derail the sun itself! Anything is possible, if you rammer long enough…

wrb Beta Sun Derailed mini

Another addition is the quickplay mode “Alliance” replacing “Supremacy”. We noted that many people enjoy playing in teams, as team play has always been available in custom matches, so we decided to see what would happen with the game and the community if we highlighted teamplay as the default game mode. Alliance has been added to the Quickplay menu, and the regular Supremacy has been temporarily removed. Now, when you enter the Alliance queue, the game will put you in a team automatically. Worbital: promoting teamwork among random strangers since 2018. But fear not, you can still play the chaotic free-for-all matches from the Custom Game-menu.

Aside from the new features, we have made requested balance changes to some of the weapons, including Shield Defense and Orbit Boost.

Last but not least: THEY ARE BACK. The asteroids have returned to the game after about a week of absence. Though, for now it’s not possible to break them into fragments. We’re working on bringing that feature back.

Worbital Beta Update, 0.90.2982_Beta5 - August 15th, 2018

  • Features
    • Quickplay: Alliance
      • Temporarily replaced “Supremacy” (free-for-all) in the Quickplay menu with “Alliance” (team play). Free-for-all is still available in Custom Game menu.
    • Sun Derail
      • if you try hard enough with World Rammers...
    • The lost Asteroids have been found and appear in games again!
    • New Music: Black Hole Theme
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that caused a moon to crash to the parent planet when Orbit Boosting
    • Terraformers of disconnected players are now properly destroyed and no longer make the planet uncolonizable
    • Made it less likely for planets to glitch through the asteroid field
    • Fixed planet sector selection losing its selected sector after an action, when using gamepad
    • Targeting cones (Defense Spread, Autocannon etc.) and laser targeting lines now change color depending on weapon charge status
    • Added a missing firing sound to Mining Probe
    • Added missing sounds to Defense Orbs
    • Added missing sounds to Gravimetric Shield
    • Minor text fixes
  • Adjustments
    • Made allied planets easier to recognize by giving them similar colors
    • Adjusted planet sector actions to be invoked on button down, instead of button up, making it much less likely to miss the desired sector
    • Made Loadout name visible in the Loadout Edit-menu
  • Balance
    • Compared to before, Orbit Boost is now faster in inner orbits and slower in outer orbits
    • Plasma Cannon now has variety between the two factions
      • Terrene Plasma Cannon now focuses on planet soil damage at the cost of structure damage
      • Lucid Plasma Cannon now focuses on structure damage at the cost of planet soil damage
    • Wave Cannon is now available to Lucid as well as Celestials
    • Increased the downtime of short activations of Orbit Boost
    • Orbit Boost now scales more consistently between different orbits
    • Increased the downtime of short activations of Shield Defense
    • Gun Magnet now collides with energy projectiles
    • Decreased Gun Magnet’s damages to match Magnet Gun’s
    • Increased Evacuator terraforming speed
    • Increased Evacuator projectile traveling speed
    • Increased Evacuator HP
    • Decreased Wave Cannon’s structure damage AoE
    • Decreased Wave Cannon’s fund generation slightly
    • Planet Anchor no longer steers derailed planets
    • Planet Anchor now anchors derailed planets

Enjoy the new update and remember to fill in the new tester survey.

Blast you later!

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