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Here we are, the third beta update. This week, the solar system itself is getting more hostile, with asteroids and destructible sun…

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wrb BetaUpdate 3

Here we are, the third beta update. This week, the solar system itself is getting more hostile, with asteroids and destructible sun…

Perhaps, things have been easy for you in Worbital. You master the resource management, all your shots are on target, your defenses always work on time. No challenge. Well, what if the solar system itself started bombarding you with massive rocks? With the new beta update, it inevitably will. Say hello to asteroids! As a match progresses, the asteroids will start moving from the asteroid belt surrounding the solar system towards its center, crashing into anything on their way. But if you keep an eye out, you can shield yourself against the asteroids or shoot them down - that will give you some bonus funds.

Worbital Main Camera 2018 07 31

If that alone doesn’t spice things up for you, we are finally making it possible to destroy the sun. The sun can now be damaged by projectiles, asteroids, planetary collisions and such. Because of all the stray shots and an ever-increasing amount of asteroids in the solar system, the sun will eventually accumulate a lot of damage, and when it does, say goodbye to your soil and get ready for some cosmic whirlpool action!

Aside from asteroids and the black hole, we’ve also made some adjustments to the structure upgrade UI. Hopefully, those will make it easier for newcomers to figure things out. We also added a few fixes based on Discord community feedback.

Worbital Beta Update #3 ,0.85.2780_Beta3 - July 31th, 2018

  • Features
    • Sun Destruction
      • The sun can now be damaged - cause too much damage and…
    • Asteroids
      • Asteroids now drift into the Solar System from the outer Asteroid Field to cause mayhem - the number of asteroids increases rapidly as the game progresses
    • You can now select the server region from Quickplay and Custom Match
  • Fixes
    • The Custom Match screen no longer occasionally stays open when backing away to the Main Menu
    • Custom Matches no longer freeze if a player presses the ready button while the host is attempting to start the game
    • Planet fragments no longer occasionally freeze in space when a planet is destroyed
    • Removed the mysterious dead pixels in the background during a match
    • The Tutorial enemy’s faction is now correctly shown as Terrene
  • Adjustments
    • Structure Tier unlocks can now be purchased without opening the structure building menu using a new UI element in the upper left corner
    • The upgrading system has been revised and boosting a structure type is now more apparent
      • You can now purchase a boost by holding down the upgrade button
    • Player’s own color and faction are now visible in the upper left corner during a match
    • Planets should now bounce further when colliding with other planets, the Sun or the Asteroid Field to prevent repeated collisions
    • Funds gained from shooting planets now increases with weapon upgrade level
    • Lasers now have a warm-up period before they start dealing damage
    • Earthshakers now properly damage all structures on a planet
    • Railguns, Coilguns, Multiguns, Fragmenters, Big Shots and Earthshakers are now better at steering derailed planets
    • Autocannon now longer has a full charge when built
    • Decreased Autocannon’s HP
    • Decreased Autocannon’s maximum activation duration
    • Colonizator now highlights planets that are valid colonization targets
    • Decreased Nuclear Missile’s projectile lifespan
    • Increased World Rammer’s build cost
    • Decreased Terrene Autocannon’s accuracy
    • Forcefield can now be used to prevent damage from collisions to planets, the Sun and the Asteroid Field and causes the shielded planet to bounce to safety
    • Forcefields can now collide to other Forcefields and will bounce away harmlessly
    • Forcefield now deals damage to any structure, planet or core it collides with
    • Decreased Lucid Autocannon’s projectile HP and projectile damage
    • Decreased Glacier’s build cost

Enjoy the update! And, please, remember to give us your opinion in the tester survey.

Blast you later!

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