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Fixed out of place objects and some adlib sounds leaving a lingering sound effect. Updated readme because of missing credits.

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Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition


As expected, things won't go as seamless after release. Nothing disastrous or game breaking, some things that needed to be taken care of.

First of, after witnessing some livestreams, out of place objects caught my attentions, especially on E8M5, it's with the torture tools objects, they are very late additions to the game and this object used to be a simple chair, but I never seen any fantasy in such object so I changed it to the torture tools in the very last moment and I had to remove them on some levels, but of course I managed to miss some, whoops. Note if you have a saved game on E8M1, E8M5, or E8M10, your saved game might get corrupted, but let's hope they won't!

People warned me about some adlib sounds leave a lingering sound effect, it's the burned skeleton turns to ashes and gibbing sounds. This update fixes these issues!

Had to make changes in the ReadMe text file as well, because I accidentally forgot about some people in the credits!


Some people are experiencing issues with sounds and music when trying to play the SDL version. It's very likely this issue happens because of SDL2_Mixer.dll. I shared these files because they worked for me just fine, but it doesn't work for some, probably because of different operational systems or different pc builds. My recommendation to people experiencing such issue is to get a different version of SDL.Mixer.dll here:

There's another thing worth mentioning, on old, vintage PCs, the game is struggling. I don't have such PC, but I'd have so I could make the game run perfectly, I don't want to send exe files a million times, hoping one will fix issues, that would take forever. Please use new builds with programs that can emulate DOS just fine.

Thank you!

Get the update here!

Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition

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