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A brief over view in what I have accomplished (with a little help).

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First and foremost, thank you for your interest in this mod I wouldn't be here if there wasn't any interest in a updated day of defeat.

because I loved day of defeat when it was in its prime and feel that since it is possible why not?

What I have done so far:

We have managed to upscale all the textures from 512 resolution to 2k resolution with various results. The foliage looks a lot better but there's a lot to work to be done re scaling the textures in the texture control files to make the smaller textures that where upscaled to look proper ie not having bricks the size of buildings

Added two new weapons to the game:
we first add the panzer Faust which was its own custom class but it there was a syntax error in the code that caused other classes to break so we are re working it to see if that solves the issue. We are also changing the animation because you cant reload panzer Faust's you throw them away.

The second gun we added was the Gewehr 43 which still needs adjustment and it actually uses the m1 Garand base class but its it own separate entity if that makes sense.

Lastly we are adding normals and phong(reflection) to the weapons despite having only a small change in the overall look of the weapons I feel this is a much needed improvement

Thank you for reading see you in the future!


need muzzle flash !

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