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A little info post on what to expect from ClassWave's first release.

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Hello there! Welcome to this first of many blog posts to be written for ClassWave. Since I have not written any posts before now, I think it’s better to tackle what you can expect for the first release version on June 5th, rather than giving you a few insights to what I have updated since adding the mod to ModDB. Well, enough about that! Let’s get into the subcategories.


When it comes to Gameplay, you will most likely not experience any major changes to the Half-Life formula. Instead there’ll be some twists to it here and there.

In the beginning of the map, the player will be able to choose his or her own class to play as. This means choosing a gate that teleports you into the map with preselected weapons and abilities/strengths. This is where the nostalgic vibes may begin to kick in. The intro map to the campaign I’m working on at the moment features the following retro-inspired features:

  • DOOM 1993 music
  • Close quarters fighting
  • Keys you have to search smaller environments for to progress
  • Secret areas with weapons or loot you would otherwise not receive


When it comes to backstory, here’s all you need to know for now:

Gregory Freemason has just returned from stasis. His fellas downtown have been experimenting with some top secret technology, and are now able to swap conditions between member universes within the Multiverse™ itself! Choose between combatting the Combine by slowing down time at the push of a button, (because everyone can do that in the Action Hero universe) or creating explosive gas cans from nothing, or something entirely different. The choice is yours! (Within the limits of the scientific-oriented balancing of course.)

How much content there will be

I’m aiming at giving you at least one decently polished map for the New Venice campaign. In addition to that, I’m also looking into creating a surf map that’s supposed to take place in one of the more abstract universes, but that map will probably not be as long.

All in all, I’m aiming at 20-30 minutes gameplay for a single playthrough, though do keep in mind that the primary goal of the maps I’m working on, is replayability.

Finishing up

Alright! I think that’s pretty much all I needed to say for now. I don’t know whether I’m going to post any more updates on this page before the first release, but oh well... If you want to see some updates to my activity, just check out my Twitter or ClassWave’s homepage every once in a while. I’ll be sure to commit to showing what I’m working on at some point in time before June.

Cya on release date on the anniversary of the Constitution of Denmark, the 5th of June!

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