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I will be talking about what comes next prior to the release of this alpha/demo.

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Hello everyone!

After the first release, I've recieved some positive feedback. Considering the short time it's been out.

I wanted to first and foremost, thank everyone who helped me with it along this time, specially the folks over at Source Modding who have been keeping a lot of old coding tutorials and websites for everyone to see! And as I mentioned in some earlier news, DJSharkProg23 who I've been unable to be in contact with after the am productions forums went down. (I never really did contact them, just wanted to say thanks).

Now some stuff I want to get out of the way!
You can change your HUD, and even make your own one. Make sure you add all the files into their own folder, and edit the "huds.txt" inside of "MortalKombat/gfx/vgui"

How to change HUD

The Apex hud is included as of the current release so, make sure to check it out! It looks like this:
Raiden holding the kamidogu with apex hud

I'm currently working on porting the project from the old SDK 2.3 for VS2008 Express that is hosted on Half-Life's Files page, which is with what I've started this project to the much better maintained Solokiller's Half Life updated. Which is a project that has been taking fixes constantly from valve's official repo. Good news is that I'll be able to whip up some linux dlls in the near future. It has a drawback, I'll have to get around some stuff to make it compatible or scrap it altogether, this might include DJSHarkProg23's shaders and the fog code I've used which make use of the windows header files. That's a problem for future me!

Enjoy a tower of sub-zero clones

Sub-Zero's clone fiesta

I'm also looking forward to make other gamemodes/character rosters depending on map and or gamemode. With the inclusion of a secret character. Or Idk add the rest of the MK1 characters. (reptile, goro and shang tsung)

Once I get better models, I'll update the "demo/alpha" to include the new ones.

So as always, stay tuned!

Thanks a lot!

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